Saturday, April 30, 2011

WSK - My Last Assignment

I guess after half a year writing for the Korean Government, the chapter has finally come to an end. From an ordinary blog, it had transformed into some sort of travel blog peppered with anecdotes and infos.

Marinated with only-in-Korea posts and tales in Korea. They were mixed around to make a pot of sizzling hot kimchi blog!

I believe to write about Korea Brand, is not just only about writing about Korea but to experience them. It's really easy to write if we can copy straight from the newspaper and articles from the net or wikipedia.

This blog is wholly written by me without wiki or articles fully obtained from the net. Therefore, for me it was really time consuming to write often. You will never know this if you never write a blog. Though I do not promote my blog (I prefer random readers), sometimes, I find it cool to know that this blog can be read through random searches on the internet.

When you type "How to create Cyworld", "Dongdaegu Market", "Banana Milk in Korea" to even "Kaist suicide" on google search. I bet my blog will appear there**. It was unbelievable because there were so many blogs available in the web. WSK (World Students Korea) is a fantastic program to share our experiences to the people and friends.

Selected posts of my blog (Some have videos):

My Travel

"My Journey around Seoul" Posts (Do refer this link and follow the continuation)

Seoul - The Palace and the street (Link)

I was in Jeonju (Link)

Travelling around Korea (Link)

My Sonata, My Winter Sonnet - Seoul (i) (Link)


Skiing in Korea - Elysian (Link)

Post of the month - Korean Style, fab trends (Link)

Coffee prince and princess? (Link)

Cyworld - The Koreans' Social Networking Site and to create one.. (Link)

Wanna visit me in Korea FOC? (Link)

Korean Cuisine & Culture

The Colours, The innocence - Korean Hanbok (Link)

Jeonju - The sound of music (Link)

Whats for snack - Tteokbokki (Link)

Dongdaegu Market - Korean rice cake (Link)

Jeon (전) - Delicious, in every bite (Link)

My Little Moments in Korea

LCIS 2010 - Muju Resort (Link)

Global Entrepreneurship Training 2011 Korea (Link)

WSK - My Escape to Jeonju (Link)

KNU Korea - Graduation Day (Link)

Saemaul Undong (Link)

Blog articles that took lots of time to write require readers because they were practically not easy to write without anyone giving inputs or suggestions. What is the point writing long post without any readers?

Anyway, the post for the following month may be about how to shop in Korean online stores like the G-market. Till then, stay tune and happy reading.

** Refer from Sitemeter and Blog stats.

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