Saturday, April 30, 2011

Daegu - Visit or not to visit?


In this post, I will introduce you to Daegu. This is like a "Lonely Planet - Daegu" narrated by yours truly.

My city, Daegu

The city name "Daegu" or "Taegu" for some might sound foreign to many people. Unlike Seoul, Daegu is still an undiscovered city with many sights worth seeing. In terms of buildings (for people who loves seeing big tall buildings), Daegu does not lack in this aspect either. The strength of this city lies in the history and culture.

Palgongsan Temple in Daegu

Daegu has lots of old historical buildings, the ones that are in good shape mainly because long ago, Korean military government placed Daegu as one of the region that was worth developing and also at the same time, to preserve the historical monuments for the younger generations.


Daegu is the city where SAMSUNG was founded. So if you are now using a Samsung phone or using computer powered by Samsung memory cards (Samsung has a huge global share in memory chips manufacturing) while eating Samsung burger (Yes, Samsung has it's foodstuff company) or wearing a Samsung suit (They too have high-end formal wear subsidaries). Then, remember that these products are all started in Daegu.

This links below are extremely helpful

1) Daegu Pockets

Highly recommended for travellers because it comes with places of interest with maps, how-to-get-there-by-bus, etc. The great part are, it is in English and is free too!


Helpful because it has a detailed places of interest with some brief explainations on the touristic spots.

3)Daegu City Website

Very helpful to know more about the events and stuffs related to Daegu.

4) Novohotel

Located right in the downtown *PS - I am not paid for it and this is merely for your info* but it might be expensive.

In Daegu, there are lots of motels, rates varies but do have at least 20,000 Won for a night's stay.

The best time to visit Daegu is during spring or autumn. Summer is... well, hot... :)

A short video, but please be reminded that this is an old video and it only showcases a small part of Daegu. In this video, you can see the Daegu museum and the amusement park.

Hope it helps,


Note - This is another article I wrote sometime back in a blog co-written by Malaysians under Korean Government Scholarship. Check it out at this link.

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