Sunday, October 17, 2010

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정신이 나갔었나봐

사랑눈 (Another Version)

My Exam is tomorrow. :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

15 October 2010

When in cafeteria eating, I hear people talking about exam. When in class, I hear my coursemates discussing about exam. When I am on MSN, I hear people talking about exam.

When I am on Facebook to relax, I see statuses about exam.


Exam week, starting next week. Nuts. Checked. Milks. Checked. Sweets. Checked. Milo. Checked. Preparation. Uhhm.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Milestone - 101 Post

I started this blog to replace my old blog from friendster. I think I am among the earliest Malaysians who switch to facebook from friendster.

So I guess when the time came, I have to make a change of heart. Friendster is no longer the ultimate social networking website.

Then, most if not all schoolmates remain hooked to that friendster. Friendster is never a global company, it did not improve. No new changes and lots of spams. Who wants to use it?

Anyway, to "commemorate" my 101 post. I am gonna post this (check below), I wrote it just now k! Happy 101 post to me... Not many readers too. hmmn.

I hope one day when I wake up,
Fairness is fair,
Our abilities are recognized,
Our works are appreciated

I hope one day when I go to school,
We are not be judged,
based on colours, creeds or beliefs
but based on how we do our work.

I hope one day when I am on the way back home,
Everyone will have friends,
of different backgrounds mixing around,
confidently, proudly and happily

I hope one day when I am back from school,
We will see news on papers,
not on inequality, racial supremacy,
but on how we develop our country, together

I hope one day when I have my meals,
We will think of the others,
improvised, homeless and sickly
and help them tomorrow comes

I hope one day when I sleep,
We know we have done something right,
we can sleep like a child
innocent, hateless and peaceful.

That is the day I will be back home

A great song. "Can't you see" by Son Dam Bi (손담비)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fancy ads

I always fancy Thai advertisments. they have lots of meaning in each and every of them but there's one that just caught my eyes..

In Malaysia we had the late Yasmin Ahmad, she was just superb. Her advertisments were simple yet delivered its message. I hope we can find another talented people like her.


Gotta do my homework now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12 October 2010

이제부터 정신이 있어서 공부를 시작해!

Today, the day turns dark at around 6. I know autumn is here but I can't feel the autumn wind.

(Pic - If you can find people selling this by the roadside in Korea, this means that it is now autumn.)

Ate a lot too today, suprisingly, the cafeteria served delicious food for dinner. So satisfied because I ate only bibimbab for lunch.

My exam is next week, so wish me luck mate

Facebook is so addictive, ermm. Actually not because of me been curious of people's latest news but just the games (Mousehunt la... what else...). Once you are stuck in it, hard to get out from it.

It's a lame game. But well, no point giving up right after going so far in this game already. More than a year plus.

Everytime when I am beside a Korean classmate. I feel so stressful. They always talk about studies, exam preparations, etc. I pity them but at the same time I envy their ability to stay awake until the next morning.

I am not an owl. So I never follow their habits.

Life is about living life to the fullest. Of course, along the way... obstacles... Life is so never easy but for now, I'll make use with what I have and my abilities.

In Daegu, to my classmates, I am the only foreign friend to them. In my class, my friends are all Koreans but when outside the class, they are a mixture of foreigners and Koreans. Social wise, I am fortunate, studies, a BIG no. Classes are catered to the Koreans and not foreigners.

I believe when studying overseas, a person must not mix with people of their same races, religions or nationality. We should learn and enjoy different cultures.

Also today, I saw lots of students in suits been busy taking pictures. Graduation photography session. I know I will graduate soon too. But after this, where am I going to go?

So exciting life is. Full with mysteries. ya right.

Friday, October 8, 2010

왜 이렇게 했니?

"잘 할 수있어", "걱정하 지마"

항상 이런 생각이 있어
그래도 항상도 나는 그냥 놀고 책도 안 읽었어
요즘 포기한 생각 많이 나왔는데
왜 한국에 계속 살아?
집에서 기회도 많이 있잖아

매학기 하나 더 하나 문제 생겨
한국어 배웠을 때 문제가 있었어
지금도 문제 있어

잡아도 안 돼
말해도 안 돼
친구 하나도 이해할수없어
한국어 넘 모자라

나는 잘 하고 싶어
나는 그냥 사람 되고 싶지마
나는 성공한 사람 되고 싶다
한국에서 이런 꿈 생길수없어
아무 실력 있어도 외국인 때문에
평생까지 계속 꿈이야

나는 불쌍한 학생이 아니야
그래도 한국에서 나는 합격의 길 다 잊어버렸어

사실은 말이야
내 계속한 이유가 작아
이런 경우 때문에 나는 넘 걱정해
만약에 이제 이유가 사라지면 이 때 포기할거야
똑똑해도 부즈런해도
"이 때문에..."의 말을 기다리지 않아

나는 인간만
나는 넘 부족해
집에서 만족하게 생각했어
한국에서 나 바보처럼인 것 같아

나 날 싫어해
내 감정 때문에
이 때문에 나는 기도자 되는 것이 싫어
이 때문에 나는 중요한 사람 되고 싶어도
이 때문에 나 이 꿈을 방지 했어

다른 사람의 감정이 어떻게 있을 지 모르겠어
나 내 감정이 싫어
이런 지방가 나 성공할 수 없어

가끔에도 감정 없는 사람이 어떻게 되는 게 알고 싶어
왜 감정은 인간을 지배해?
인간, 인간..

왜 이렇게 했니? ㅜㅜ

my private piece, not translation. sorry...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who is wrong?

Lately, this video is spreading like wildfire in Korea. I think the lady acted too violently. In Korea, usually when someone is fighting, Koreans usually will try to ignore it unless they think that you are intruding into their space, etc.

They mind their own businesses. It's good in one way. For example, when you accidentally left your umbrella in the restaurant, you can just return and get them later. Nobody will take it. So far.

5 October 2010

Don't think it's cool. Don't think it's okay. Had a bad impression on you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

4 October 2010

Tired. Did my homework until 3.30 am and continue from 8 am today. Until now.

Need to find my inner hobo.

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