Friday, April 15, 2011

ADV - Korea-made apps rock the global market

Today, many of you would have know what smartphones are and their many uses and fantastic applications available. Aside from its domestic success, made-in-Korea apps with its excellent technology are now stepping into the global market.

You might have seen that there are many made-in-Korea apps that were constantly ranked as top-sellers in overseas app store.

App store is an open market that sells applications for iPhones and iPads. Surprisingly, there is one Korea-made app that was ranked as the first top paid app in US. Do you know what it was? The name of the app is ‘Cartoon Wars’.

It is an arcade war game that combines “Defence Genre” and “RTS”. To win the game, you must capture the enemies’ castle by producing as many units as possible. ‘Jolla man’ which is a well-known cartoon figure in Korea, is the main character of the game.

Well, there are still many more made-in-Korea apps that are growing rapidly in the overseas market. Let’s check out some hot apps!

“Best of Britain” Galaxy Tab App by Samsung

Visitors searching for information with the UK tour mobile app in Galaxy Tab (Photo by Consumer Times)

Samsung Electronics and British Tourist Authority signed a partnership for utilizing the mobile contents to promote the London 2012 Olympic Games. With this contract, Samsung Smartphone users will be able to download the tour informations provided by the British Tourist Authority easily.

With a Galaxy Tab, there is no need to worry when traveling to UK. It has all the information you need as a tourist, such as museum, historic site, accommodation, restaurant, etc. This app will be available for download a month from now when Galaxy Tab is to be released in Britain.

Don’t be disappointed that you can’t have this application recently named as the ‘Best of Britain’ right now. Once it comes out, it will not only introduce its innovative technology to all countries of the world during and after the London Olympic, but also make you worry-free.

Various images of Galaxy Tab (Photo by Blog ‘Britain- You’re invited’)

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