Monday, April 11, 2011

Lets eat together, Samarkand in Daegu

How well do you know about food? In Korea, I like going to classy restaurants not for the food, I went there for culinary experience. In Daegu, there are lots of Uzbek and also some from the Central Asia regions, some of them are working while a small group of them are students.

Most of them are extremely kind but they would be a kinder if we say "Ti krasivaya" to the ladies which means "You're beautiful" in Russian. Just kidding :)

My Russian language teachers/friends while at the language institute

All Uzbek can speak Russian and they can really be fantastic Russian language teachers. When I was learning Korean language, I learned Russian while attending Korean classes at the same time from my Russian friends. Hence, this is why my Korean proficiency can be sucky at times. lol.

As time passes, due to time and aging. I could not speak or remember any Russian phrases now. Lets not talk about young age Alzheimer.. So instead of "Privet", I'll stick to my "안녕하세요" thingy.

To get to the best Uzbek restaurant in Daegu, first we have to visit the downtown. I recommend having Uzbek food at Samarkand. This is not my first, second or third time there. I used to have either lunch or dinner there once a month. But these days, unless for special occasions, I don't really go there anymore.

The restaurant

The menu list

I always order "Plov" (around 6000 Won) and a pie (2000 Won) when I am here for lunch because they are simply delicious. For dinner, I will have nicer meal, like grilled meat with bread together with some stew (I have forgotten all the names of the food I had ordered except for only the "Plov").

The humble Plov and the pie

The dishes


Uzbekistan food in Korea can be said to be delicious for first timers but for real Uzbek, the food here are just ordinary and nothing special. The "Plov" is just so-so because my Kazakhstan friend can cook a better one.

I think central Asia countries share almost the same culture and food. I might be wrong as the food can be different but at least I know I did try some countries' national food right here in Daegu. Paka!

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