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"Say Oh, Got This Feeling That You Can't Fight
Like This City Is On Fire 'night
This Could Really Be A Good Life
A Good, Good Life..."

One Republic - Good Life

I am an extremely optimistic person. It is worthless to be gloomy about life, I think we should live for the day and be optimistic about our future. Although we should get realistic sometimes.

In life I am not a believer of tarot cards and fortune telling, thus I don't believe that our destinies have already been predetermined. This is why I worked my a** out and to be good in what I hope to be. 2 months ago I was back home for Chinese New Year and I had a chance to go for tarot cards reading. It was free!

I was very skeptical but sometimes free things are always hard to refuse, I went for it. That event was held in conjunction with Chinese New Year open house held by SP Setia, a property developer in Malaysia. Initially I was there for the lion dragon dance performance but to my dismay, it had yet to start.

With lots of free time left, I went to the tarot card booth. Let me share something cool, in my tarot cards about my "Future, career and life" thingy, I was asked to pick 3 cards. I picked 3 cards with pictures of a knight on a horse, a king riding a horse with a sun on top and lastly a card with a man riding a horse. Cards with horses are excellent ones according to the tarot card reader. WOW!!!

It WAS sooooo cool. Of course, it was cool!! This is because my mum did not get any horses, while the person in front of me too did not get any tarot cards with horses. Whats more 3 such similar cards coincidentally in a row. It was a "good prediction" but the bad news was, I didn't really believe it although I have to be honest that it did cheer up my day. ^^

Even though I do not believe in tarot cards, it does not mean I am not open to advices given by the tarot reader. He said I could be very successful if I am doing things I have interest at. I will try to be good in what I like then. Frankly, I do not know what I am good or interested in.. I am a very ordinary person.


These coming months, I would be busier than ever. I would be busy writing for ASEAN-Korea webpage as an ASEAN correspondent. The main reasons...

1. I need to keep myself busy, if not, I am doing nothing.
2. One word - Money.
3. To build up my credentials.

Then, from May onwards, I will be in the KNU Times editorial team (My university's English magazine) after writing unofficially since 2009. It would be the first time for a foreigner to be in KNU Times as they have never accepted any foreigner since its inception. I will have more opportunity to improve my Korean and experience the Korean working environment. Great!


Wanna be a model in Korea?

Main requirements:

Height between 168 - 170 cm, 20 - 28 years old, Size 55 (Korean size),... If interested, please click on this link.


To my readers, I have something I want to know. It's just that I want to write something that will be of your liking. So what do you want to read in this blog? It will be more fun if this time, I am interacting with you guys through this blog. Feel free to leave your comment(s) below! :)

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