Monday, May 30, 2011

UCC Contest YouTube - Jeju

If you are bored at home. Holidays still on but with nothing to do. Then this is the time for you to win yourself some cold hard cash! From now until 30th June, you can participate in a contest that will pit your video-making knowledge and persuasive skills to the rest.

What's it? Continue reading then.

Fantastic prizes to be won, prize money of 5,000,000 Won (4630 USD)! More than enough to tour around Korea with some extra cash left to travel to few more countries.

Interested? Click here for more info or to participate...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tea time? - Daegu Tea Expo 2011

"There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea..." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Tea, it comes in many types and colors. The best tea is usually the one that was fermented/aged for long so as to retain a distinct flavor. However, not many people were really into learning the art of making tea so we purchase the tea from shops instead. :)

Last weekend (few days ago), I went for Tea Expo in EXCO Daegu. I am not really fond of tea but rather there to learn about culture. I like arts and painting but tea? I couldn't even tell the difference between Ceylon tea and the black tea, or are they the same???

Getting there from my uni is through my university's main gate. From here I took Bus no. 937 to EXCO (The place). This time, I traveled alone because the tea exhibition sounds too old-fashioned to my friends. This was my first trip to tea exhibition so why not I give it a try!

Getting there:

After reaching EXCO, at the side entrance you can see a nice hotel called Hotel Inter-Burgo just directly opposite the entrance. I haven't been inside here but I think it should be a good hotel as most high-end hotels were usually located next to convention center.

I know them all, do you? ^^

My country, psst... not Vietnam but.. Malaysia

At the entrance of the tea exhibition

My 10,000 Won ticket

Arranging tea cups... zzz... the beginning of boredom...

Tea Meditation *I think* - I did not try it

Tea pots, 80,000 Won (70 USD++) for a fist size pot

Calligrapher but not drawing anything fancy though..

Hanboks for sale..

My afternoon snack

The whole trip was excruciating boring (all senior citizens nia) but luckily, I did learn something about this exhibition - I should appreciate tea because there are so many types of it and secondly, never ever come to this Tea Exhibition again until I turned 70, 80 years old. lol

"If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty..." from a Japanese Proverb

ADV - Korean Medical Care that impressed Kazakhstan

At the end of last November, a medical team from the Korea University Anam Hospital flew over to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan and carried out kidney transplant as officially invited by the National Medical Emergency Center of Kazakhstan. The surgery was successful, and the news on the medical techniques of the Korean medical team was aired throughout the country.

Unlike Korea, the success rate of the kidney surgery in Kazakhstan is pretty low. However, the organ transplanting was the only way to save Aigerim Kumasheva suffering from the chronic renal insufficiency so the medical team operated the surgery with her brother’s kidney, which took 8 hours in total. Dr. Kasimov, the head of the medical emergency center of Kazakhstan said “Our hospital deeply appreciates at Korean medical team that added a new page to the medical history of Kazakhstan. I was very impressed at their sense of duty as a doctor as well as their medical technology.”

This is not the end of successful stories of Korean medical treatment. A number of tourists looking for the medical tourism are continuously visiting Korea. Let’s take a look at what is in Korean medical treatment!

Kazakhstan President’s doctor visited Korea

On April 26, a patient visited Severance hospital in Korea and received medical surgery. In fact, he was a lifetime doctor for Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbaev and also a notable specialist in rehabilitative medicine in Kazakhstan. He first found out about the successful story of robotic surgery by the Severance hospital from articles among the data of medically advanced countries such as U.S. and European countries.

He decided to visit Korea right after being counseled by one of his co-workers and met an acquaintance who recovered from the surgery by the Severance hospital.

Beside a robot called da Vinci, the doctor operates with 3-D screen. The robotic arm is located inside the patient’s body (Source : Donga News)

He chose Dr. Na, who is well-known to have performed the most number of robotic surgeries on prostate cancer in Korea. You will find the reason from the fact that he is the first doctor in Korea who succeeded the robotic surgery in 2005 and also performed about 1,200 surgeries so far.

Of course, the result was successful. Dr. Oraz left the hospital with a healthy appearance. The technology of robotic surgery has achieved recognition throughout the world. You will be surprised to know that many doctors around the world such as USA, Singapore, Italy, and France visited Korea to learn on how to perform the robotic surgery.

What is da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

Read more at this link

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eat, Drink and Dance - KNU Festival 2011

Like any students in every university, there's always a time to have fun and also a time to be serious in our studies. Recently, our university organized a grand festival and I was there 2 days consecutively in this 3-day festival.

Lining up for?

... a free can of coffee.. -_-"

Well, it all started on the first day of the festival where every Korean University freshman was persuaded to attend and help out making dishes to be sold to the public. The profit earned was then spent on alcohol on the last day of the festival. They will drink until all get drunk and continue again... geez..

Last year during my first university festival in Korea, instead of helping out (It was on voluntary basis so ahem... I absented myself - Who in the right mind would want to cook until the next day, serving and washing plates la?), I went and experienced the festival with my department teachers and friends :)

This year though was a bit different.. "On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... A Partridge in a Pear Tree..." (Twelve Days of Christmas) On the first day of the festival, I went for food! After having 파전 or Korean green onion pancake and Jjimdak (A Korean dish of chicken with sauces) for dinner, I had a meal called Ceylonese chicken curry (5000 Won!).

I like spicy food (Malay and Indian food but never Chinese!) and I expect spicy food to taste better than some bland Chinese or Korean cuisine. However, the portion served was too little and whether paying 5000 Won for a very small bowl of curry and a plate of noodle was worth or not - frankly, I think it was not worth at all. Since it was only a 3-day festival, it was an exception.

First day of festival in my university was never the best time to visit because the people were still preparing and setting up tents. After the Sri Lankan stall, I went for another meal at a restaurant with friend and we ordered green onion chicken.. Chicken.. chicken and chicken.. I think I am turning into a chicken!


On the second day after the ever stressful Physical Biochemistry class. I went for another tour around the festival site. This time, it was better than yesterday. In the concert area, though I am not sure which famous performer(s) attended, I was very confident that the performer(s) was not from among the A-list Korean stars (Big Bang, Girls Generation, etc..), maybe ours was from the B-list or even C-list..

Since KNU is a public university - if Big Bang is to perform, I think my university will be crowded like in a gulag and tuition fees will see historic rise and Koreans will demo ^^ After a while there, with acoustic guitars blazing and drums still beating "dum dum dum" in my ear drums, I think I had enough.

I went to another spot. It was a volleyball court. For the first time (maybe?) in Kyungpook, there was a disco party. With great DJs and right at the center of university, who would want to give it a miss? Well, I did as I had other appointment.

Nevertheless I went there for a short while (outside and did not enter ler) and I saw my classmate selling mask. He told me that sometimes Korean were shy when they danced so they will cover their face. lol.

He bought 60 masks for 2000 Won and he was selling at 1000 Won each. I doubt he sold any that day. *Grins* Yes! My second day's over. On the last day, I was in my room enjoying the serenity. Ahhhh... at last... Though I did not participate, I managed to see fireworks from the top of my dorm.

Fireworks. Short yet beautiful all at the top of the building.. Perfect dating spot too. Hehe.. Just kidding ^^ It was fun but it would be better if the weather during the whole festival was great. On the first day of the festival, it was chilly (Have you heard of cold summer?) and on the second day, it rained too.

I did enjoy it all. or maybe I did n...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ADV - Let’s Go Inside the Love Story of Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong!

We see many ‘Couples of the Century’ through numerous media. Whether they are real couples or the fake ones, the range of couple are limitless. For example, famous football star David Beckham and member of the pop girl group ‘Spice Girls’, Victoria Beckham became the couple of the century through their marriage.

There are also fictional couples beloved by many in the world. In Jane Eyre, the famous and influential western novel, the love between Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester has been remembered among readers until now. Hence, comes a question on whether there is any ‘Couple of the Century’ in Korean classical literature? Absolutely!

Romeo and...

Juliet... Korean version

Chunhyang and Mongryong, they are the familiar names to Korean. The novel was adapted for Pansori, books, films and even dramas. The main character, Chunhyang - built an image of an active woman in Joseon Dynasty and these days she became the representative image of Korean woman through the various performances carried overseas. They are truly a couple of the century that represents Korea.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a place to remind us of their love story. Every story was supposed to be alive and lingers in the reader’s imagination, however, if the readers can see and look around the virtual place that helps the understanding of the full story of ‘Chunhyang-jeon’, visitors would definitely enjoy the story with the scenery.

At Pohang, Korea

From the idea, ‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ was finally opened on May 2004. Theme park is the place for entertainment and the attractions were the landscaping, buildings, and most attractions are based on one or more of the specific themes. The ‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ is ready for couples with the gist, ‘We invite those of you who have someone to do with love!’.

We have everything in Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park!

Night view of Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park

‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ is comprised of mainly 5 places- ‘Meeting Place’, ‘Pledge Place’, ‘Love and parting Place’, ‘Hardship Place’, and ‘Festival Place’. When you enter the theme park, you will see the facilities and structures that are well-matched to each place.

At ‘Meeting Place’, you will see swings where Chunhyang and Mongryong first met, a fountain, and a cultural museum. At ‘Pledge Place’, you will meet a stone tower over the ring-shaped bridge ’Okjihwan’ which means a declaration of love. You might also find some couples in front of the tower, piling a stone on it and tying a small piece of wishing paper. In addition, ‘Pledge Place’ is quite a famous place to couples among other theme places.

Everlasting love, Eternal pledge..

When a couple put their hands inside the ‘Pot of Pledge’, the love song ‘Sarang-ga’ comes out of it. At ‘Love and Parting Place’, you will see the ‘Buyong-dang’ where Chunhyang and Mongryong spent their wedding night, and the house of gisaeng ‘Wolmae’, Chunhyang’s mother. Also there is a workshop that you can experience the ‘seonbi’s style and arts, and even commoners’ culture in the middle era of Joseon Dynasty. ‘Hardship Place’ is also a place that attracts tourists.

There is a rebuilt jail that Chunhyang was imprisoned and the investigation office which has a stick for flogging criminals. The stick is a remade for visitors to try and joke around. Finally, at ‘Festival Place’, there are many places to relax for visitors and a private theme school for writing letters with a brush. Once you use the brush, you will feel as if you were a writer going back to Joseon Dynasty.

Edited until here but do read more at this link

Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May 2011

나는 보통 남자이다
그래도 보통 남자라서 제일 행복한 사람이다
아무것도 없기 때문에만 내 용망 다 억누를수있다

이런 생활 살면 될수있습니까?
보통 살고 보통처럼 생긴다

보통처럼 합격하다
내 미래도 보통처럼 될것같다
다 보통 있어도 괜찮다

보통 살수있고 보통처럼 사람 만날수있다
다 충분해서 이런 생활하고 싶다..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

World Students in Korea (WSK) 5th Batch Recruitment

World Students in Korea (WSK) is now recruiting the 5th Batch!

The Presidential Council on Nation Branding (PCNB) is recruiting the 5th batch of members for the program “World Students in Korea.”

“World Students in Korea” aims to provide international students in Korea with opportunities to experience Korea in a more organized, diverse, and involved manner and to promote cultural exchanges between Korea and the students’ home countries through the blogs (web logs) run by the member students.

The 1st batch was launched in July 2009. Members participate in a variety of activities including camps, field trips, workshops, performances and other events.

Number of members sought
Fifty (50)

Application Period
May 16 (Mon) – May 29 (Sun) 2011

- International students (i.e. those who are currently enrolled in an educational institution(s) in Korea)
- Those who own and run a blog (*Those who do not have a blog are requested to open one prior to applying)
- Those who are interested in Korea’s industries and culture
- Priority for selection will be given to those who speak Korean

Jun 2011 – December 2011 (6 months)

- Open and run an individual blog upon which students are to post contents (articles, photos, videos, etc.) related to Korea
- Attend various workshops, field trips, and events hosted by the Council

- Upon evaluation by the Council at the end of the tenure, students who have shown distinguished on- and offline activities will receive awards (e.g. A round trip flight ticket to home country for Grand Prize winner)

- A small gift will be provided for the students who have shown excellent activities upon evaluation by the Council at the end of the month.
- Opportunities to attend diverse cultural events and performances related to Korea, or those hosted by the Council
- Media coverage (TV programs, interviews with newspapers, magazines etc.) regarding WSK activities and Korea

How to Apply
Apply via the Council’s official web site. Click the following link.


Ms. Jung-A Lee
Culture, Tourism & Global Citizenship Bureau
Presidential Council on Nation Branding

Ms. Jin-Sook Lee
International Cooperation Bureau
Presidential Council on Nation Branding

For further information on the Presidential Council on Nation Branding, visit this link.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Daegu 2011?

Last year in Seoul we had Asia Song Festival. In this festival, famous Korean pop stars like Rain, BOA, 2AM sang alongside talented Asian singers/groups like China's Jane Zhang to our very own Malaysian Michael Wong. Last year's performers, click at this link.

At first, I do not know who's Michael Wong and it was until some searches over net that I finally know who is him and his songs. Well, our very own Malaysian star was extremely famous in China and his songs were among the top downloaded and watched on the internet. He is well known for his song titled Fairy Tale or Tong Hua. Again it's another sad song.

Fairy Tale

This year in Daegu, we will have Asia Song Festival! Hopefully the performers will be better than last year. Maybe Big Bang and Girls Generation? Contrary to popular belief that each and every Malaysian students in Korea know every Korean pop artists, well, come to think of it, I have almost zero knowledge on any Korean singers or their latest songs.

Sometimes, I get to know some Korean songs through links posted by friends on Facebook. :)

Though I have many songs I like and able to listen and understand without translations, I am more into song that makes me relax (before, during and after classes... erm.. maybe not "during class" la) and just for fun with friends at 노래방 or Karaoke.

A very cool Big Bang dance rehearsal...

I like Big Bang's songs even though I am not really a huge fan of Korean pop songs in particular but since Big Bang was already an A-class performer in Korea. I ought to know right? Okay, lets see. I know who is Taeyang or 태양, not his real name anyway. He has his own album and his famous song (to me) is non other than Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dress

From there on, there's G Dragon and TOP. While the rest of the group members... erm, my apologies... I have no idea who's who other that those 3 lucky people. :) Last year, in Asia Song Festival, besides the mentioned performers from Malaysia, China and Korea, we have AKB48, a Japanese girl group.

It's silly of me to ask this but how can a girl group with so many members sing together? It's more like Super Junior, looks nia. And our neighbour, Thailand, they have Bie The Star (Not "By" but "Bie", no kidding) For more info on Asia Song Festival 2011 in Daegu, click at this link

Nine Muses during New Year's Eve Celebration in Seoul

Girls Generation

So this year, I hope the performers will be good! I wish there will be Malaysian performers too. Besides Asia Music Festival (October 8), this year too in the month of August, Daegu will play host to IAAF World Championships organized by International Association of Athletics Federation and Usain Bolt will be here.

My campus's track

2011 is Visit Daegu Year so this time, do expect a lot coming from Daegu. See you in Daegu!

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