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WSK - My Escape to Jeonju

I was in Jeonju for 2 days under the sponsorship of Korean Government. Well, all I need to do is to blog. lol. I am now a paid blogger by the government and this blog is all about promotion of Korea.

Sounds boring? Can you believe it?


I am just kidding. :)

Minus the sponsorship part. Sadly, I am not paid to write but I have a long school break and to get in touch with the worldly affairs and to not let myself think inside the box, I write. It's really exhausting to blog. The ideas must be thought, the photos must be selected. Of course, when you consider me scanning over thousands of pics and carefully selecting the right pictures, lots of time is consumed..

Recently, okay la, last month, I went to Jeonju. Imagine for only a 2-day 1-night camp, I can write a hell lots of posts but I am a bit lazy so I'm planning to compress what I had done in this camp - World Students in Korea (WSK) 2010 - The 4th batch camp. Of course, I will write more because there is so much to write of but I have so little time.

I was selected to blog (for fun) a bit about my life in Korea. So when I got this opportunity - great, this is what I like. I might get something in return too. One day, I can be a PAID tour guide in Korea, professional photographer, writer and something not related to my major in university for once.

WSK is practically a great program for bloggers like me with nothing much to write about especially on topics like places of interest. So on the early morning of 17th December, with the temperature dropping to minus degrees centigrade, I had to wake up as early as 4.30am so that I can catch an early train to Seoul.

Travelling with the ever reliable friend, a Dutch, we took a KTX from Daegu to Seoul at very early morning. Somehow we reached there quite late (to the Seoul people) but what can we do? We took bullet train there and if we took the bus, it would be 3 hours more.

The first place we visited was the Hyundai factory in Asan. I don't like visiting to factories because I hate tours in something uninteresting. But before that, we had some talk on the "Power of Twitter" in promoting overselves.

Well I am a bit private in sharing my stuffs over the net. Blogspot is already enough. I do not want to share more especially through twitter. This is the reason why I don't over promote my blog over the net.

YES!! I'm going to be a DAD! Erika and I are expecting a little one this summer. Let's hope it'll be my best production ever.
2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

Stomachache. Going toilet.
about 4 hours ago via web

LOL!!! im no gangbanger! where im from we say cuz, blood, folk, woadie,homie, patna, its slang and ebonics!US KIDS USE THESE TERMS. chillout
about 6 hours ago via web

Some is okay, some is like pain in the a** to the readers. SAY NO TO TWITTER! :)

After the twitter talk, we had a tour in the Asan Hyundai Plant. I like Hyundai cars but if I am a "nationalistic" person, I prefer Lotus Cars, the company was owned by Malaysian Proton, so it can be counted as ours, right? haha.

I was amazed by the automatic machines that made the cars but due to "No Camera" rules, no photos. The workers there were like robots too, doing things so monotonously. I guess this is how some working adults will be one day.

We had our lunch in some place well known for the roasted duck and pork. It was okay. But it would be better if the food served here were in big portion. Seems like ducks nowadays are either too expensive to be reared or had the owner of this restaurant decided to join PETA for Ducks and spare some of his ducks?

Overall : Average but Great services.

Lunch was over and we had to attend Kimchi-making ceremony. Looking at how Kimchi was being made was in fact very simple. When it was our group's turn to make it, that's a different story. We could not chop the vegetables finely enough, aiyah, even the girls can't do it right. So I think it's okay.

Then, we had some cultural performances by Korean traditional groups (maybe my next post will be about it - check it out) and some simple warm-up games.

According to the camp organizers, it was already late at night by the time all were over, only 9pm but they called it lights off. We plan to go somewhere else but we were in the Jeonju Traditional Village so what's exciting/new to see?

Village? Come on.. Clubs? No clubs around Traditional Korean Village. Karaoke? Can't be found. Restaurant? Not at around 9 pm. Coffee shops? Yes, but not a very nice way to spend our time. So some of us went back, bath and sleep. And the bathroom (outdoor) was freaking cold. My shoes turned into ice. The water heater sometimes did not produce hot water so.. lol.

"That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over..."

Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston

Lucky. Only 1 day.

The next morning, we had our breakfast in the kitchen. The 아줌마 (auntie) were really kind and the dishes were really authentic Korea. The kitchen was a bit dirty and old-looking but I appreciate sincerity. The food were okay. My tastebuds really could not differentiate nice Korean food after eating korean food almost everyday. But I can still judge Kimchis. hehe. It would be better if the aunties could cook curries or authentic Penang Char Koay Teow to me...

And so we toured the Hanok village. I had been to this village few times so there was nothing exciting in this trip. The trip back to Daegu was the worst. 4/5 hours of sitting in the bus. Glad to be back to Deagu safe and sound. and with warm room, bathroom and net.

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