Friday, June 26, 2009

Of Shrimp Burger & ...

After a short absence from the blogging sphere, I'm Back! These days i am very busy, doing things that I am not supposed to be doing, packing stuff which in the end i have to unpack them again.

My daily schedule is actually very regimental but it allows me to explore more of my city, Daegu. For the first time, i manage to walk from my university to "Homeplus" hypermarket, here, it looks more like "Tesco", it "sounds" like "Giant" [their advertisments were more like "Giant" ones but with lots of people dancing]

Usually, it will take more than 15 minutes by foot, but it's worth the effort because if I take taxi, it will cost about 3000 Won which at that price, I could buy... *jeng jeng jeng*

Shrimp Burger
Not found in Msia, Spore, etc
3300 won after tax

Tasted nice, it should coz every first must be memorable, if not, then why there's hype on first kiss, first love, first crawl (when we're baby), etc.

p/s 3000 Won is equivalent to RM 8.25, with that, i could buy a McD™ Quarter Pounder in Malaysia. Missing Malaysia for that. LOL.

Now, it is summer and the weather has becoming hotter and hotter by day. I had already resigned to the fact that I am gonna continue my studies right here in Korea. Well, Korea is actually a nice place to study (honestly) but when you were chucked into a university that has few people whom you share some similarities, it can make you lonely at times.

Oh ya, my university entrance risk-taking attempt had backfired (damn!) but who cares about it right (as I'm now in korea)? but still a part of me felt a little bitter against the government... *m*leh lu c**bai l*ngch**o* they gave me "ciplak" course la... i knew there's already a high possibility of not getting good courses because i had put two critical courses (you need not know, just guess will do :P) on my first two choices in IPTA (public university) application. but still...

Went to Gyeonju last Saturday too... will be updating a new one soon. if i have the time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Why help them? Help us

M’sia willing to help where Malays are minority, says Najib

MELAKA, Dec 23 — Malaysia is willing to offer help towards the advancement of Malays in countries where they are a minority, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.

(How about minorities in Malaysia, a full fledged Malaysian? Are you going to just leave them by themselves and let them to rot? How are they going to fund the training? using our parents' (the taxpayers) money? Lemma, this idea is absurb la, first you talk about 1Malaysia then now you talk about helping only the Malays [and they're not MALAYSIAN in the first place!!! wth...])

He said Malaysia could be a gateway for this through the Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam (DMDI, Malay World Musim World) Forum to help Malays in countries like in the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Cambodia, South Africa and southern Thailand.

(Not all Malays are Islam, only in our country that overzealot religious groups enforce it... moreover, it's in the constitution, whoever is a Malay MUST be a Muslim, now this is not freedom of religion... What I am saying is when one embraces a religion, that feelings must come from the heart and soul but not from the set of rules written by somebody that have no rights to tell us what to do. Stupid isn't it?)

“Of course the Malays in these countries must be realistic. They cannot expect us to support them in taking up arms for a revolution to establish Malay governments in them,” he said when opening the DMDI's 9th convention at a hotel in Bandar Hilir here today.

(Do you think Chineses here in Penang wanted to have a revolution to create a chinese majority state? [if it were to happen, it will happen long long ago...] And do you think they even want to ask for Malaysia to help them when the politicians here themselves are so corupt that they will also ask for "duit kopi*" (bribes) for every good things that they have done)

Also present were Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. According to Najib, the DMDI could play constructive role in bringing about peace in southern Philippines and southern Thailand.

(How could it bring peace when what the Muslims here in Thailand only wants to be properly assasimilated and being given the same treatment like the rest of the population? While in Philippines, the problem is not with the government but the rebels, honestly, what would you expect the government to do when you (the rebels) loot, pillage and strike terror to those who doesn't embrace the same religion as you (the rebels). But they (Thailand and Philippines) do not have policies that silently discriminate the citizens. Anyway, it's just another waste of money and time organisation, and whose money did they used? ours.)

He said Malaysia had played an active role in southern Philippines towards ending the Moro conflict though the peace process there had encountered some obstacles lately.

(But Malaysia pulled out when the peace talk collapsed...)

He added that the DMDI should do all it could to portray Islam as an ideal religion which strived for the advancement of all peoples.

(Yes, and it should be fully adhered in our country and certain policies must be removed and only help the person that really in need regardless of race, religion and political affilations for THE ADVANCEMENT OF ALL PEOPLE!)

At the function, Mohd Ali, who is also DMDI president, presented Najib DMDI’s Mansyur Shah award which is a special recognition in honour of the Melaka empire during the reign of Sultan Mansyur Shah.

(Another self praise by our countrymen and I don't think the participants knew who is Sultan Mansur Shah, the fourth sultan of Melaka... and what did our PM do to receive such an award?)

Over 500 participants from among others Malaysia, South Africa, the Philippines and Indonesia are participating the convention which ends tomorrow. — Bernama

(Another holiday sponsored by our government...)

* not all politicians are corrupt, just my general view.

This is what Malaysia has become... just another of my random comments on some articles that caught my attention.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I need inspiration...

"My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man's doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny"

-Elaine Maxwell-

I am so frustrated. I need inspiration!!! help.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Apsan Hike - 30 May 2009

The starting of the trail... the further we climbed the steeper it gets.

Pine trees are everywhere

A Buddhist Temple at the foothill

Entreprising lady selling Ice-cream at 1000 won (approx RM 2.50) each

Daegu city, Korea, it's the forth (or third?) largest city in Korea. It's a landlocked city surrounded by mountains.

Breathtaking view...

An Eagle soaring.. not easy capturing this pic but thankfully with the right camera and right hand *ahem*

Plan to go bungee-jumping at that Daegu Tower

Nike. It is able to survive even from the most of the toughest climb

Helipad... for lazy people that are too lazy to climb and also for emergencies la

Maureen, Sing Muk and me

Buddha statue


Some Korean War memorial

Tank used during that war

*click on the pic to read*


Map of the entire area...

I'm letting the pics do the talking, if more explainations needed. =)

I wanna be a gym teacher

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Better Malaysia - An impossible mission?

My post for today will be solely on Malaysian Politics. It sucks big time to see, read and know that while people are more worried on whether there's food on the table, our politicians here are more interested to keep talking on matters pertaining to their own self interests.

If tomorrow can be said to be better than today, if today is going to be better than yesterday. Then they are all lies that are only valid in our own country, Malaysia. Really, I felt sad that Malaysian politicians had became more engrossed with political plays. From September 16 government takeover "plans" to Perak State takeover, it seems that political crisis will never end. Though I am now thousands of miles from Malaysia, Malaysian news seems to be the staple in my country that I am studying in now. But all for bad reasons.

From the kidnapping of an Indonesian model by Kelantan State Prince to the use of ISA on CIVILIANS, we make unfavourable news abroad. One day, I want to be a politician but being a politician here seems to only favour the ones that obey orders from the party leaders. Like a dog, really. I like dogs, but I hate people that behave like dogs. Go to hell man. Now, I'm having reservations on joining any political parties.

UMNO still play racial politics (as usual), MCA still has no balls and can go on asking for more scholarships (Why have scholarship for SPM leavers but not A-Level/STPM, SPM exams I realised later were nuts and so damn easy when I was in Form 6...), MIC that never wants to change and keep on insisting that they are going to win back the Indian votes next election, you see, they all talk about races but nothing about unifying the different races into 1 true MALAYSIAN.

PKR that seems to be obsessed with elections (and more elections) and is the mother of all party hopping ideas, DAP, they are not firm with their ideals and PAS, only Muslims can join the party unless if you are not a Muslim but still want to join this party, then you can join the "supporter's club".

I want a country that I can be proud off, not in terms of economic progress but I want the citizens to be open minded (is that so hard?) and willing to look for long term success(es). It's better not to think on joining any political parties now because everyday to them is about infuences and deceptions.

Have fun living in Bolehland... love my country but hates the government and the political parties that exist in Malaysia. Sad right? what to do... corruptions everywhere too... to be rich don't be a doctor, engineer or businessman. Be a politician.

P/S. my next post will be about my hike in 압산 ("front" mountain)

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