Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Malaysian Story Part 1

27th July 2010. Reached Penang after 1 year 4 months abroad. Actually, I am pretty sleepless the night before. Not because I am too excited but too afraid to miss the plane and bus (from Daegu to Incheon airport). Once I am in the bus, I am pretty excited because I am going back home alone, another exciting journey by me.

Actually, I have nothing much to tell but what I can say is that journey by bus was not pleasant, the lights were switched on often and the street lamps were shinning brightly while we (the passengers) were on the bus journey. And I hate stopping at rest house at 3 in the morning and at another bus stop to carry new passengers.


Reached Incheon airport damn early, say 4.40am? My flight was at 11 am. Tried to sleep on the bench at the airport, the way I did makes me looked like a beggar but well, who cares?

Somehow I am too afraid to sleep too. What if in case I overslept and miss the plane? So I did not sleep and kept my eyes awoke for 5 long hours.. hmmn...


10.15am. Checked in my luggage... I over carried but... fuuuhhh.... the clerk was kind enough to not care of my overweight luggage eventhought I exceeded it by 5 kilos. Thanks to Malaysia Airlines. :) I am really excited to go back now.

(To be continued...)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

24 July 2010

말하고 싶은데 서툴려서 안 말해...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

11th July 2010

It was raining heavily just now. The weird thing about raining in Korea is everytime I use an umbrella, my back will always get wet. Unlike in Malaysia, the raindrops drop everywhere. So it's either my front or my back that will be drenched. Need to stay motivated. Being too lazy to start my revision. Needless to say, I can't wait for my trip back home. A bit excited.

I like the "excitement" of going around Penang looking for food. Like a mouse foraging for food. My first stop will be a Curry Puff stall next to Sunshine mosque, I hope the owner will continue frying the puff by the time I am back because I am going to be back during evening. For dinner, maybe Nasi byrani, I really miss the one behind Queensbay, Kapitan Restaurant. The smell of the curry is just simply amazing. :)

Then, I am going to eat bak chang, roti canai, roti telur, curry mee, hokkien mee (I never ate hokkien mee in Penang because I will choose other dishes instead of it, but now I am craving to try it!), Nasi Lemak (Hope to try the authentic roadside one and from the Old Town), Nasi Kerabu at Pulau Tikus Market (the only one in Penang, I think), tandoori (at any nasi kandar outlets), Nasi Kandar (KAYU behind Vistana!!!), TROPICAL fruits (No strawberries, apples, grapes please) and lots more.

But first, I will be needing to change my passport pic, my pic is not recognizable for reasons I myself do not know. I have problem everytime I am in the Immigration counter especially during my last trip to China. wth.

2 more weeks and I had lost my focus to study. I am not sad though, the goody feeling of going back overwhelms the fear of getting bad results. I remind myself that my summer class is just a preparatory course during my 3rd year! So soon and I AM REALLLLLLYYYYYYYY EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDDD!

This is my first time anticipating for the trip back! Couldn't wait. Nothing beats the smell of freshly ironed bedsheets, pillow cases, aroma of nice home cooked meals and I can wake up whenever I want.

I don't have the luxury of getting these simple things here in Korea. I wake up at around 7.15 am everyday without fail except for some days - I hate Mondays and Sunday. Sunday because the weekends are over, Monday because I "partied" hard the day before and could not wake up the following day.

What I will miss in Korea is the weather. In Malaysia, somehow I felt ichy and had running nose time after time. In Korea, no problem. These days, I blog everyday maybe because I am bored waiting for the day. I think I am going to stop blogging these few days because I need to study for my exam. wtf. I have exams while others are celebrating. Tempting reminder. :(

It can't be so soon, can it be?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

10th July 2010

I spent my time looking at blogs on nice Penang food and some Korean funny clips (I am spending a bit time for my holiday mah...) instead of studying yesterday night. I should be serious and study hard, my exam is next week. Anyway, I feel that it doesn't really matter anymore to get good results because it is simply too difficult.

Questions are in Korean! In Korea, most of the summer classes' exams are in Korean. My "scientific" Korean knowledge on "scientific" terms are only hyeonmikeong (microscope), yang chea (antibody) and some little terms even kids one, two years old knew more than me. Guessing works. haha.

It is simply suicidal if one is really interested in getting grade A in your exam papers when you are:

a) A foreigner
b) No scientific knowledge on Korean scientific terms for scientific people (peeps, I know it sounds complicated. But I need to make you be convinced with me :P)
c) Not a nerd, no... not a super duper nerd. shit. Should I be a nerd?

I remind myself day after day that I am here to learn, experience the culture, travel, start afresh and never give up.

Malaysians give up too easily. When Malaysians staying overseas live among Malaysians, they seem to grow inwards and not independent anymore. Not all. But this is what I see to some people living in Seoul.

I read The Straits Times (a Singapore daily) everyday and yesterday I stumbled upon a news mentioning that Korean dramas are the most sellable titles in Singapore's video shops. The only Korean drama in Korea I watched is IRIS (after 1 year 4 months abroad!) and not suprisingly, it came out as the number one most watched drama in Singapore! Check out the clip above. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

9th July 2010

2 more weeks. Craving for Malaysian food... ahhh...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8th July 2010

Sometimes I always think whether doing good is really worthwhile. Helping old ladies/mens' requests to carry their heavy stuff, helping friends when they have no umbrella but I ended up drenched after giving them mine, helping friends around eventhough I have exams the following day and many many more.

I try to do good because I think being kind to others is always the best thing to do. I am not a very kind person last time. Korea changed me. Why must it be now??? It doesn't pay to be kind. Felt so stupid after helping so many people but ended up with nothing. This stupid action of mine, I think inherited from my dad. Not a very good trait in the long run.

Why should I pity the weak, poor and needy? As I am writing this, I am now waiting under the rain, drenched, after giving my umbrella (again!!!) to an old lady - felt a bit regretful. I AM SO STUPIDDDD!!! f kindness. In the end, I f myself after helping people. I know I am so damn stupid today. Yes, soooooo stupid. I am really mad now been stuck under the rain.

When I think of it again, I kept writing stupid stuff in this blog. The blog SHOULD be about travel, and my "little" moments. Erm, Is now my "little" moments? What a day my today turns out to be.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

3rd July 2010

I feel like continue staying in korea this coming vacation instead of going back home. Time passes so quickly and I have so little time. Blogging has been a chore lately and I always have to restrain myself so as not to share things that are not suppose to be told in this public blog.

This is a public blog. Period. I had a diary but I don't use it. My diary is my scrap book.

Ah~ My plans this coming winter... I am planning to get a DSLR camera for the first time!! :) I like taking pictures and having a DSLR camera means I can broaden and improve my photography knowledge. I need to learn more on the techniques of taking pictures before I started buying newer and better ones.

I will start off with a Nikon D90 (Most probably). Nikon D3000 is a cheaper ones but well, I prefer to start photography faster with better equiptment.

This coming winter, most probably, I will be going to Egypt. But as for now, it is still uncertain, but lets see... 80-percent confirm? This might mean that I am not going back for CNY again next year. haiz.

As a student and still unemployed, I want to opt for the cheapest flight, but it might transfer to Turkey (according to my friend that will be going together with me). So why not? Hopefully, I can hop on to Turkey (and spend a day or two over there) on the way to Egypt.

I have a few goals. One of them is that I want to travel to as many places as possible during my stay in Korea. Had been to China after my Korean language study this year. Planning to go Egypt this winter (this December to February 2011) and hopefully Tibet and Shanghai before I graduate.

I do miss home but I am hesitating. Can't fall asleep tonight.

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