Monday, January 31, 2011

Jeonju - The sound of music

Do you notice any similarities in her with...


She looked almost the same like Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) of Smallville! OMG! Actually when I saw her that day, I thought I had seen her somewhere before. ;) I only realized later after viewing the pictures and she really look almost the same as the one from the TV. Wow. Do watch the video below too.

It was kinda cool when I went to the WSK camp to watch the Korean Traditional musical performance. In Korea, there are lots of musical instruments. A majority of them are made from bamboo and sometimes oak so it is no wonder that some can cost millions of Won for a small piece of instrument.

I was kinda amused to know that one of the girls performing then almost resembled Lana. I used to watch smallville but since coming to Korea, it was kinda impossible because I really do not know where to watch or download the episodes online. Besides, I am also busy sometimes.

Anyway, in Korea, traditional musical performances are common accurrences to the foreigners because they (Koreans) are really proud of their cultures and really kin to promote them all. The costumes especially for the ladies are really eye-catching with so many variety of colours almost resembing a clown. :) Just kidding.

They look very "traditional" and "conservative" when wearing the traditional costumes. I did wear it before, but the one I wore was for the King and also to be worn during the marriage ceremony. It looked weird because the belt is not tight and I have to HOLD it instead of it SUPPORTING my waist. This is 100% true. The belt should be wider than the waist. No common sense but this is traditional costume la..

Pansori or Korean traditional music is quite a nuisance for some at first because the song is like a conversation. The lady will talk about her life or the villager's life. Usually it is accompanied by the tune of traditional musics.

I do not understand at first but after a while when my Korean becoming better, I can gradually understand them all. It's hard to explain it. :) Oh and one more thing, I realized that when we search for something over the net, the first thing that appear is from Wikipedia. Do try it.

Hmmn. Is it a good thing? Well, I think getting information over the wikipedia is just like plaigarism. I am avoiding wikipedia when writing because it is cliché and not original :( However, I do hope I have more time to write and think what to write. Wikipedia is really when learning statistics and mathematics especially the equations. All in a very simplified manner. Easy la.

PS. HEY READERS! Do you like long post or short post? And do you want infos from the net which is useful? Let me hear from you :)


Anonymous said...

Hope to know more about the 'lana lang' girl... Nice read BTW...

Eleonora said...

I like posts with handsome guys rather than girls ;)))))))

but seriously, just after seeing this I realized the same thing!! :)

Yelena Lim said...

They don't look exactly the same, but they are definitely beautiful both! ^^

kyle said...

haha. lana lang, hmmn.... where are you? ;)

ps. eleonora, it's okay. ^^

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