Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cyworld - The Koreans' Social Networking Site and to create one..

"After some time, I finally made up my mind... I've searching everywhere..." 25 Minutes by Michael learns to rock

In Korea, there is no such thing as been isolated from the cyber space. Social networking, blogging and movie watching, all while on the go is common and everything we never dreamed of in the past is possible in Korea.

In Korea, the most common form of social networking website is still Cyworld (싸이월드). Ask any Koreans whether he or she has a cyworld account, they will give you a blank look with the expression like "Huh, which planet do you came from? Of course I have it!".

Sadly, Facebook's popularity has yet to penetrate the Korean masses. I have a facebook account and I value my privacy a lot. However, Facebook and Cyworld have lots of differences in terms of privacy.

In Facebook, Tom, Dick and Harry can have multiple accounts but in Cyworld, we can have only an account each and creating one is already a pain in the a**. The main difficulties for foreigner lie in the Korean language application and the tedious steps.

The webpage is all in Korean so no matter how enthusiastic we are in having an account, it's still difficult to navigate around. So to create one?

Creating an account Step by Step

First click on this link to Nate (Cyworld)

Unfortunately, since I already have an account, I couldn't go and explain further with slides since there's limit of an account for each people to prevent misuse of identity (unlike facebook) and privacy. Actually, after this step, it's quite simple.

Fill in your personal particulars and obtain the mobile phone no. confirmation before submitting the "form".

Just key in your mobile phone number in the 휴대폰번호 (Mobile phone no.) space, click the "Enter" button and you will receive a confirmation no. Just key it in the space below and you are done :)

However, I am not saying Cyworld is a better social networking website. I think Facebook is way better but it loses when comparing the connectivity among Koreans and the privacy issues if they were to compete head to head with each other.

Whats inside my Cyworld?

My main Cyworld page (top)

My profile (mine's blank, just an ordinary guy..)

My diary (I wrote it in Korean, if only you can read it)

My photo album

Creating a Cyworld account is really complicated so unless you really want one, don't create it if you do not have basic Korean language proficiency. I created one mainly to keep in touch with my Korean friends though I rarely check it (unless I receive notifications lah). :P

One Facebook is already more than enough.

Nevertheless, that's the only avenue for me to keep in touch with them. Many years later, when we are old, as time passes, most of us will definitely wish to have friends that stay true to us till the very end.

I never think beyond this though, I just hope for friends that I can get along well, learn a thing or two from them, learning and sharing our culture together and most importantly, to keep in touch. Do you?


social media planner said...

That's for his review what I noticed There no English translate in the website.

kyle said...

this is a korean social networking site, and most users are koreans. hence no english translation..

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