Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Spring in Daegu

At time like this, when the seasons changes, I always felt getting older. Being older means being wiser and I do hope I am. Every year, we tend to reflect whether we had successfully achieve things that we ought to achieve on the previous year. This is what we call it, the New Year resolutions.

Last year's resolutions are like the mirrors of our lives, if we were determined, we fulfilled the resolutions made but if we were not, then we have to rewrite them all again. One of my 2011 resolutions is to learn another extra language. I realized that it's impossible for me now so I am striking it off from the list.

It's better to do something that can be done than making goals unrealistically. Sadly, most people want the best so they set their goals too high and only to never fulfill any of that once a year plan.

I think I am more realistic but at the same time, more determine to achieve them one by one. Nevertheless, it's still an open question whether the goals can be done in a short period of time.

Here, the weather is improving day by day, from minus 15 degrees in January to the current warm 23 degrees now. It's really a spring to me. Spring brought many nice memories, from the time I safely arrived to Korea to my first class of the year. This will be my third spring in Daegu.

Spring, spring and spring. Trench coat out and sweaters in. Time for more fantastic photography (after the exam though) . Wishing readers a warm and joyous spring!

이제도 저는 새로운 시작하고 싶은데 걍 같은 장애에 항상 부딫혔다. 제 생각 바꾸면만 이런 시착 할수있는 지 알아도 아직도 준비를 안 갗췄다..

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