Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What is life? The word is so simple yet it brings so many questions... Is it worthwhile to struggle so hard to achieve something that will further bring troubles in the long term? or is it important to stay happy but without achieving anything fulfilling. Well, humans, homo sapiens are engineered to perform beyond everyone's expectation, but sometimes they tend to deviate from the true principles of life, honesty, honour, love and friendship. All in the name of race, the race to perfection, success and material gain.

The real life, in my opinion is life without great expectations. Parents are pressuring their young just to be able to pursue their childhood dreams is not uncommon nowadays. Will you want to wake up from your bed and suddenly felt that you had wasted many years of your prime years studying but without any interest at? Hopefully not. Period. I had a schoolmate, lets say he is A, his parents wanted him to be studying in science field especially to be a doctor. He, at first wanted to be an engineer, something that is possible since he had achieved a commendable result in his public exam and moreover he is eligible to enter, ahem, UiTM... Not to say that he is incapable of succeding but he just lack of what i call "interest".

Though he manage to get an offer to pursue his medical studies, i doubted he will always be happy, from the look into his eyes. I always believe to be good at what we do, we must have interest, it will not bore you down and you will never regret in your later life. Another friend, an interesting type one, he wants to be a farmer but he seems not to be doing anything to be in it... its possible but sometimes i felt that if you want something, just GO AHEAD.

I notice that my life in school and my previous college is very contrasting, one way or another. In college, everything is not spoon-fed, that's why there's a place called the library while in school, even the answers for practical in STPM are sometimes given straight. How ridiculous. But you can't blame anybody, the school library is open only after school, teachers are too busy with sports nonsense, crappy administrator and bad education system. What to do? Malaysia Boleh right here in a bolehland...

"Twisted by the dark side, young Skywalker has become. The boy you trained, gone he is... consumed by Darth Vader." ―Yoda

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why i did not take A level?

It seems i keep getting this kind of question nowadays. A level for me is for those who have really decided to pursue their career full swing. My wish to pursue medic through A level was "crushed" because of the failure to get JPA. Well, studying medic does not come cheaply, at least 250k to get a degree which with that amount, i could have bought a luxurious condo in Prime Lot Penang with seaside view.

Anyway, my mum encourages me to take a level at DISTED but going through the phase of uncertainty when picking a career is challenging... I had to abandon my choice of Biotech and Biomedical through a - level because of the job prospects. Therefore, i am now planning to take accountancy.


My Rumble in The Room!

What's JPA? Well... JPA stands for Civil Service Department and is widely known as the biggest scholarship provider in Malaysia. If I'm honest, i would say that my failure to secure this scholarship is my biggest disappointment so far. Although I have half expected the result to not side me, still i did not think merely result will jepordise the chances to pursue a career of my choice - medicine.

Why Medicine? Well, it cannot be denied that the society still regards being a doctor is far more superior compare to other fields. I pick medicine because i love meeting new people everyday and do something rewarding in life. I took a (very...very) big risk when i put medicine (Bidang perubatan) as a career in JPA form. It seems the society is getting smarter with more strings of A's they had obtained. I concluded that most top scorers do put medicine as their career choice when applying for scholarship. With the exeption of the majority, the minority do take medicine because of its high pay. I doubt it anyway... as i was told during my trip to the hospital that even doctors work part time...

I still remember my JPA interview, the first time i arrived, i was asked to take a test with lots of TRUE and FALSE questions given to be completed in less than 30 minutes. Questions range from "I love to lead..." to "I love to repair...". Fast foward, our team (We were sorted out after the test) was given a group topic on Patriotism... huh!!! After blah... blah... we were given the green light to head home. Thats all. 2 months later, the results were out and i am one of the unlucky ones not to get selected. It took me time to really recover from the disappointment but thats life anyway... get kick in the a***, but rise up again... I am sincerely happy for my friends who have managed to obtain the chance to pursue Medic in Ireland and Biotech in the states. They really deserve it. To those who will be taking your exams this year, best of luck!


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