Thursday, July 28, 2011


Arrived at Malaysia - after sitting on a plane for at least 6 hours! Lets not talk about butt cramp, have you ever heard about that? At KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), I rested at Old Town and found out that they do not serve any ROTI CANAI anymore!!! Great. Instead of roti canai, they replaced it with a toast. Ahhhh. Not good.

At KLIA, I transferred to Penang International Airport with another 50 minutes ride. Reached Penang at 7pm plus (Malaysian time), I can see that Penang airport is having a make over but it was a mess because it looked more like a construction site. Stumps of concrete pylons stuck from the ground here and there, such a horrible sight - I guess they could do it better by building a divider to cover them up.

Too exhausted. Slept.

Next day, nothing much. Couldn't use internet until early evening. Internet speed is too slow. But Okay lah... Patience's a virtue. Take it easy. Lunch was some Chinese food at a Chinese Restaurant. Had Curry Mee and Satay for dinner.

I like Malay food so the best meal for that day was definitely the ooo laa laaa Satay. I plan to gorge down as many Malay food as possible before fasting month starts... prefer not too eat a lot after fasting hours.. Or maybe I couldn't eat that much as I used to be last time..

Went to Queensbay (a big shopping mall in Penang) but almost got lost. Hmmn. I guess I can't remember much of Penang though I can always claim I am a pure Penang lang ("People" in Hokkien), time is such that memories to me, remain but only as a flicker of thoughts. Sometimes too along the way, it does get lost. 제발!

Met my primary classmate there, we had not met since Year 2000 (almost 11 Years!) but we still keep in touch through Facebook just like friends add friends and thats all.

These day, I felt a bit handicapped - no mobile phone even I have one from Korea and I couldn't use it because there's no connectivity. Couldn't call anyone. A bit out of touch with the rest but hopefully once everything are settled by end of this week. Then, it will be really my holidays ^^

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kyungpook, then Boys over Flower.. and how I see it..

Kyungpook National University (KNU) is actually a big campus spanning an area almost wide enough to fit several small universities of Seoul. Unfortunately, Daegu is still a conservative city and English is still not widely spoken as in Seoul. Nevertheless, I find Daegu Korean dialect the sweetest thing to my ears compare to the standard Seoul Korean ^^

I like the variety in my life. 진짜야!

Getting to Daegu is very easy from the Incheon International Airport. There are many ways to do it but the most convenient way is still by express bus. By taking train, there will be a need to transfer from one station to another. For example, from the airport to Seoul and then Seoul to Daegu.

Getting to Incheon airport from Daegu (the reverse is true too!)

Since I am going to the airport from my university, the first thing is to buy the bus ticket. Getting to the express bus station is by taking bus no. 937 at Kyungpook University Main Gate bus stop (next to "Buy The Way" convenience store). When the bus drops you off, walk some distance and puff - you are there!

Remember bus 937!

Opposite the express bus station

This station!

However, taxi is still the best choice when you have big luggage. Skip the hassle of riding a bus and take a taxi instead! Less than 4000 Won one way.

The ticket is 34,100 Won but when I first arrived to Korea, it was less than 30,000 Won! Inflation or whatever, price of everything have really gone up! Only clothing seems to becoming cheaper and cheaper as time passes.


Okay? Do you know Boys over Flower, a Korean drama series? Have you watched it? I haven't (I am not into Korean dramas since the story lines are always the same and why some people can just into such dramas? Hmmpff) but since I am living in Korea, I ought to know something. Right? Yes, I know one - How to get to the university where Boys Over Flower drama was filmed.

Big deal huh?

Hell yeah! (ps. only if you are interested lah)

Getting to Keimyung University (계명대) from my university (KNU)

First, go to the bus stop at Dongdaegu Market (동대구시장) directly next to the 7-Eleven, if you can't see this store. You're lost mate. Take bus 503 to Banwoldang (반월당), it's actually a transfer station so if you can get there without going to Kyungpook, you're still on the right track.

At the Dongdaegu Market Bus Stop

Next to 7-Eleven

The station you need to go...

Look for Keimyung Univ (Click to enlarge)

Subway map of Daegu

Go to Line 2 (2호선), the Green Line..

Get out at Exit no. 1

Here you are

Keimyung University Campus Map

From that station, get into line 2 (2호선) and make sure you get to 계명대 (Keimyung Univ). I can remember it pretty well because I lost my Nikon Lens Cap! Ouch :( Info about Keimyung University? You can search the net or specifically Wikipedia for more infos.

In my opinion, this university lacks something important. It seems to lack values and the "feel" of a university. It embraces materialism with lots of big buildings, extensive use of electricity and some buildings with no real functions other than looking nice.

This is the biggest problem in most universities around Korea. No wonder sometimes tuition can be so expensive. The universities here construct big buildings and charge high tuition fees to fund their projects. Overall, a tad big campus only great for photography (especially during fall and spring). Some poor students of Keimyung University have to then work part time to pay the expensive tuition. What a life.


I like observing people. I know I shouldn't say about some Koreans but well.. This is what I see, and I think it will be bad if this is projected to the world. In life, everyone are born equal - Asians, Caucasians and Africans. Though not all Koreans behave this way, some small minority tend to feel inferior as Asians and look mighty high on the westerners.

Private cram school (학원) in Korea tend to hire westerners, I believe it's not a bad idea but when the motives of hiring them were made known in some newspaper, I felt disgusted. Of course most westerners can speak in good English but if the parents hire these teachers because they want their children to be more "Westernized" or "American", I think it's just absurd.

I too felt sick when I saw some Koreans imitating how Americans speak with their unnatural accents and their so un-Asian way of conducts (It's more like they had watched some cheap American movies to act this way). I hate their pretentious accent, it sounds so weird to me. Sorry to say that.

To be proficient in English is all about being natural and constant use. I felt some Korean parents who can afford to send their children overseas to learn English have just made a mistake. Yes, they learn English overseas but who are they living together with? Are they living together with another Koreans? If they are, it's really a waste of money since we too tend to prefer speaking in our own mother tongue among our same nationality.

My roommate is a Korean, I want it that way so I can improve my Korean through usage. Another thing about Koreans learning English abroad is that after staying abroad to learn English, most Koreans will use English rarely when they are back again in Korea. As time passes, even a small kid can speak better English than them, they seem to have lost some of their English language proficiency due to lack of usage.

Coupled with lack of confidence in making mistakes when speaking (in English), I doubt many Koreans can be really proficient if they do not make any efforts to use English more often. I can remember that during my kindergarten years, I was asked to make an English speech. I wasssssssss soooooo nervousssss. Then, I was only 5, 6 years old... ㅋㅋㅋ

Luckily I made it. Of course I stammered because I had to speak in front of so many parents, students and moreover, this was my first time too. Nevertheless, it was really a great experience, and so sad that my dad had thrown away the VCR few years ago. Sigh.

Koreans and Asians in whole must accept and be proud of who they are. They must understand that they will not be Caucasians just by imitating them. What's so bad been an Asian? I don't get it. However, not all Asian values are great, the one that is really impractical is the seniority based promotion. In Korea, those who are older tend to be chosen for promotion no matter what his/her younger peers are capable of. This is a pull off when working in some parts of Asia.

I like western culture of working and studying. They tend to have more family time (they don't work until midnight in some Korean firms) and most importantly, the education there is more hands on approach than in Asian countries. Asians are more into books and rote learning. Through this, Asians tend to be more cautious when making decisions and are more fearful of making mistakes. Without mistakes, how do we learn?

It is really an impediment to creativity. Likewise here in Korea, I think I will not learn much too especially the hands on experience so I'll try to make up by being good in other things. Just to catch up with my lost time.

(Quite a long post by me again. :) Will stop blogging temporarily to prepare for my trip back home and also to write some articles for magazine and newspapers, if I'm lucky. I need to earn/save some money for upcoming backpacking trip to Egypt and Turkey - maybe if it all turns out well. ^^ Wouldn't it be great if money can just grow on trees? huhu)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer at Harvard? Space Odyssey and Home?

Recently, I was really tempted to enroll myself for Summer class at a nice university. I was a bit confident to get in there because it was only a summer class and getting a nice qualification from such university (Harvard) would look cool, right? Okay, but then there's no scholarship available for summer class. Hmmn.

Don't believe me? Check it out here!

It'almost a whopping 3 grand (3000 USD) a semester and it does not include housing so education there is not for the have-not. So there goes my summer plan/dream to "study" there but wouldn't it be great if the university can at least offer some scholarship for people to try and apply? Sigh. Education should be given to those who wants to learn but I guess some university like Harvard seems to be more interested in reaping profit than educating young minds.

God knows how greedy some people were that can believe in such scams to earn money

I know sometimes I sound a bit cheapskate. I have no choice. I hate to be depended on family for education and I certainly was not born with a silver spoon (and neither do I wish to be, as I think hard work is way better). I am happy to say that my education from middle till tertiary education was all free. Thanks to scholarships, prizes and a bit luck! :)

Then I wonder again, what's the point of getting to an elite Ivy League university but deep inside, it's not for education but for self prestige? Of course some were really creme de la creme academically and they really deserve studying there. Nevertheless, how about people who are gifted but do not have any access to school or places they can wisely use their talents?


These days, I'm a tad busy - I have lots and lots of things (other than blogging) to write. I want to write a review for 2001: A Space Odyssey movie - It was to be for my university magazine. 2011: A Space Odyssey was really an old film (around my dad's time) and was watched by baby boomers growing up around Year 1968.

The movie started with a scene of apes before humans existed. One day, a small group of apes were ousted from their watering hole by a rival group. Forced to retreat and sleep under cold weather, the apes discovered a huge black granite block appeared unexpectedly that very night. Curious as they always were, they touched it.

Fast forward, the apes discovered tool (in the form of bones). They used it to hunt and kill other animals to obtain food. One day, they returned back to their former watering pool and killed the leader of the ape with their tools. They finally won back the land, feeling victorious, an ape threw the tool (a bone stick) into the air.

After it, started a new scene - space age where humans thrived. I like this part because it tells us about how in the past, humans and apes alike used tool as a mean of survival in the path of evolution but now, humans, instead of using it, we became almost like a tool for the machines (human made tool). In this film, humans are maintaining the space machine (a tool) and it seems that humans had reached the peak of evolution, where tools (that were the so-called catalyst of evolution) were no longer used.

Not going to say anymore. Do watch this movie! Click on this link here for brief explanation after watching it!


Finally, I will be back home for my summer vacation next week. I don't really miss going back home. lol. ^^ I'm just kidding okay!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ADV - We are Civil Diplomats!

Diplomat is generally a representative of a country, and mainly works for his own country. Diplomats could also be the one who cares and helps others while indirectly representing their country. In Korea, many volunteer organizations have been very active in overseas for a long time.

COPION members digging the ground for the base of a house. The recent trend of volunteer had changed to educating the people to be more independent rather than by giving money (Source: COPION)

Civil Volunteer Organizations

The word, "Relief Organization" first appeared after the Korean War. A relief organization, World Vision was born in the war-torn Korea 60 years ago. World Vision grew up together with the Korean economy and had witnessed Korea turned into a giving nation from a receiving nation. World Vision Korea is the first and only official cooperation organization which belongs to WEP(World Food Programme).

At present, World Vision Korea is one of the members of World Vision International, which is one of the largest civil international organization in the world. It has about 40,000 staff members in nearly 100 countries. Accordingly, World Vision International obtained the consultative status from UN-ECOSOC(Economic and Social Council)...

Edited until here but do read more at this link

Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 July 2011

If the country needs you?
Would you come back and serve?

If the country asks you to take sides?
Are you with the government or are you with the oppositions?

If the country is unfair?
Will you bear with it or would you cry out loud?

If the country is corrupt, inefficient?
Would you dare to change it?

If you are going to risk your life for that?
Will you or will you not?

"It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices..."

Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pyeongchang Winter Games - Korea 2018

"First South America, now South Korea. The Olympics will be breaking new ground again when Pyeongchang hosts the 2018 Winter Games..."

"After a decade of trying and two painful defeats, the South Korean city finally won its Olympic prize Wednesday, crushing two European rivals in a landslide vote for the 2018 Games and taking the event to the Asian country for the first time..."

(Source: Major Events International)

"Pyeongchang's overwhelming victory in a secret ballot of IOC members was a resounding endorsement of the bid campaign pledge to expose winter sports to a hungry new market in Asia...."

By GERALD IMRAY (Associated Press)

As expected, Korea will be hosting Winter Games in 2018. By then, I would be participating in snow jumping event (in my dreams la) so watch out for your MALAYSIAN representative! Rawr~ I will prove that there's "snow" in Malaysia!

Hehe :)

Kim Yu Na's (김연아) presentation in her country's bid for Winter Games was great! She was a bit nervous when she's presenting in English but she did it quite smoothly. Well, I can understand her and most Koreans trying to present something in their non-native language..

I might be in Korea again in 2018. I told you - as a ski jumping representative. Wait and see ^^

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Contest - Incheon Korean Music Wave 2011

I am not quite a fan of any Korean groups or singers even after staying in Korea for quite some time. It's quite entertaining sometimes when my friends discussed about Korean Pop news and I am just like "Huh?" or trying to change this conversation topic.

I would be crazy if I talk head on about Korean pop stars with my Korean friends - I couldn't even differentiate who is who in 2AM or 2PM. Come on... It's really confusing.. Why can't they have 2PM and another is 3PM/AM or something? Why another is 2AM?

So who's my favorite Korean groups/singers? Ermmmmmm.... Let me think..... Big Bang? Nah, but they are definitely better than the emo 2PM and many other Korean Pop groups here. You gotta agree with me!

"I'm so sorry but I love you da geojitmal (다 거짓말 or "all lies")..." 거짓말 (Lies) by 빅뱅 (Big Bang)

Lol. But really, I guess you don't care about lyrics ^^ Anyway, if you are in Korea, this is the time to see your favorite Korean pop stars such as 2PM, Big Bang, Girls' Generation (Awww) all in a single venue.

You don't need to pose with your favorite stars this way...

or even stand beside a cardboard-size pop singer..

Neither do you need to work this hard to buy a ticket to see your favorite K-pop stars...

You can see them live and for free by participating in this contest. Click on this link here to read and participate. You wouldn't be seeing me going there because I would be back home for my summer vacation. Have an enjoyable one if you did win.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Malaysian Dilemma

Malaysia is among the few countries in the world where different cultures can coexist along well with its long history since the founding days of Malaysia. A country I called home in 1989. Those were the days when the economic progress of Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore were still at par with us.

Jimmy Choo's shoes which were once slipped on the heels of queens and celebrities. Michelle Yeoh who proves that Asians and not only Malaysians can shine on the entertainment world. The mighty football team of Malaysia that once shook the ground of stadiums and strikes fear to the very heart of Korean footballers.

Where are all this now? Malaysia day by day bleeds great talents to abroad. Instead of looking forward and reverse the brain drain, we left it alone. The exodus of highly talented Malaysian - The Malaysian Dilemma.

Talent? It comes from ancient times where "talent" was a measurement for mass of precious metals in a huge casing. A gold "talent" (a quantity, a measurement) can feed an entire family all their lifetime and with plenty more left. This was how much it worth.

Unfortunately, talent in terms of ability cannot be quantified. Malaysia had lost over 1 million (Source: World Bank) highly educated citizens in a country with less than 28 million. Talented engineers, scientists, doctors and inventors. All gone.

"Malaysia’s brain drain... One out of ten Malaysians with a tertiary degree migrated in 2000 to an OECD country—this is twice the world average and including Singapore would make this two out of ten..."

(Source : Page 12 of World Bank Report - Malaysia Economic Monitor)

The crux is that something is going wrong somewhere. Malaysia these day is more engrossed in politics and scandals than getting the work done. Some are fighting to maintain the status quo of natives even when they are already constitute the majority. Lets not even talk about what a true Malaysian is really about. A Malaysian of Indian ethnicity, Chinese ethnicity born and breed in the same country - are they less Malaysian than a Malaysian of Malay ethnicity? Bidayuh? or a former Indonesian citizen that coverts to a Malay Malaysian?

The problem is still on our own divisive economic policy and special rights that bring discontentment because they are not based on meritocracy. In this article, I will write as fair as possible but sometimes fairness cannot always be deemed fair because "fair" is a perceptions and perceptions may differ from one another.

"Rights? What rights? Do you mean right or wrong?"

There is no point fighting for rights. Everyone is equal. I have a pair of eyes (double eyelids for your info), 2 legs, 2 arms and I need air to breath. Everyone has that but what differentiates me and you? Well, if you are a woman and I am a man, then I guess you'll know what is the difference. At the very end, I have 6 packs and maybe good looking (Ahem), I think there are the small little things that differentiate me and other men. :) Just kidding.

Humans need air to breath, a shelter, water and food to survive. There is no such thing as special advantages to a certain group of people. A particular advantage given directly is like a crutch. A person addicted to using crutch will continue to use it and never learn to walk unless it is taken away. Special economic preferences for a particular group will lead to discontentment to the deprived and short term satisfaction to the selected ones.

Why short term? Malaysia is a trading nation. Country is actually very difficult to be managed, if a country that relies only on import, the country will be eventually bankrupted. In a globalized world, good quality but cheap products are preferred. Special economic preferences to certain race may leads to self satisfaction and no competitions means no innovation and pricing will still remain uncompetitive.

Then, the problem comes. Customers wanting for better goods will shun the local products and opt for better products abroad. Country loses. Economy declined. Workers will go elsewhere to find better jobs.

Protectionist policy will bring the economy to jeopardy and brings resentments among the others. This will lead to the other races in the country to be more aware of the problems among their own ethnicity and the well-to-do will place a barrier to ethnic group deemed to be given special advantages. It is as they perceive that special advantages will make a person more dependent even though it is not true. Such suspicions will bring polarization among races. The meaning of being born in this country does not matter anymore to those few.

Malay, Chinese, and Indians. Humans. Humans are all creatures of emotions. When something is not right, some will weather it, some will wither. Talents are the same, some can continue living with the disadvantages but in the long run, deep down, a growing dissatisfaction. There are those who lived with the special advantages but excelled without the help of it, at some point, some want to be treated as an equal and not as the one perceived of receiving special advantages.

I believe special rights and advantages were handicaps and are for the weak only in a short term. Poor people regardless of ethnicity, needy ones are the only people that should be given rights. Not the rich tycoon of an ethnic group. And neither shall there be recruitment ads with certain language proficiency needed unless the profession deals with work that requires that language ability.

"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity..."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is never a time in the world's history where the best decisions were always the easiest to be made. Slavery in the States was only abolished after a devastating civil war between the Union and Confederates. The Nuclear war would have started if not for the Soviets that compromised by withdrawing its nukes from Cuba and the United States from the Europe in 1962 (Source: Cuban Missile Crisis).

Equality is the best way to liberate everyone from suspicions, prejudice and jealousy we have on each other. When each of us are treated fairly, as time passes, we will slowly accept each other not just as friends but as brothers and sisters. With peaceful, fair and conducive environment, investments will flow in. Talented and skilled Malaysians from abroad too will one day come back.

End the special rights and start protecting the rights of the poor, needy and disabled regardless of the color of our skins. When the fight for equality is still unfinished, there's still a hope for a change. I wish one day we will call ourselves as true Malaysians. Not only a Malay, a Chinese or an Indian. Why quarrel for special rights but risk losing sleep because the economy and the people are not doing good. I wish Malaysia best.

17 June 2011

(I like to write long post and articles. I think not many people would have the time to read this all because it's too long. This post is about the true concept of nationhood and my country, Malaysia. This post might bring uneasiness to a few but I hope some people will read it with open heart. Special rights are never a must, it's only a choice. If this is removed, the barrier between races will slowly dissipates. Again like any of my personal views, I sincerely apologized if it does "hurt" anyone.)

Lets visit Korea for free?

Where would you be if you are now in Korea? Do you want to visit and shop at Seoul? or maybe to learn about Korean history at say, Gyeongju? How about tasting authentic Korean food in Jeonju and then board a flight to Jeju Island the next morning for lunch?

After a tour around Jeju, why not fly back for dinner at Daegu - the birthplace of Samsung? You can actually do all that - hotels and round trip airline tickets to Korea fully covered by KTO (Korea Tourism Organization).

This is the link to participate. If you are lucky, you might just be among the lucky chaps to travel to Korea for free. Who doesn't like people paying for your flight ticket?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sales, Shopping and bits of my memories - Korea

Lady Gaga, the craziest (Uhhh), the coolest (Ahhhh), colors mix-and-match lady and a performer. I like her individuality, she is able to wear what she wants without being subjugated by the public opinions on her wacky style. The way she sways her crowd, the way she influenced the people - Wow!

Lady Gaga Day in Taiwan - Welcome to madness

This is what you call them ardent Gaga supporters! *Nightmares*

That's what fashions and clothing are all about. Right now in Korea, there's a big sales going on. Most, if not every single shops are now having sales. From ZARA, H&M, Giordano, Calvin Klein and right up to the shops around hidden alleys of clothing district in Daegu, you can definitely see sales!

For ladies, there are more clothing varieties to buy if compared to men. There is also a common misconception that men don't really go out and shop. Men in general do buy clothing quite often but it's just that we rarely window shops like how women do. Imagine the long hours men have to sometimes accompany their wives just for her shopping. It is a tough job being a man. Hehe.

Wife : Hey honeeeeey... Does this cloth fits me???
Hubby: Sure, nice la wei
Wife : Really? How about the other one?
Hubby: All suits you dar.. ^^
Wife : Erm... Which is better? the red or the pink one??

Conversation goes on and on.. bla blah...

Wife : This looks beautiful, can I have it honey?
Hubby: Sure why not?

At the cashier:

Wife : (Stares at hubby)
Hubby: How much is it dar? (Soft tone)
Wife : Only 400 USD...
Hubby: (Deep inside : WTF, for a DRESS!!! AHHH) *Smiles back at the wife*

In Korea, the best place for men (and women alike) to buy is through the net (G-Market or Interpark) but the cons of buying there are that the stuffs can be of low quality and that there might be hidden charges when buying things online. This are the reasons I don't encourage buying using this way.

Korea is brand conscious country. This is why T-shirts with word "GUESS" or "GAP" imprinted on them can be best sellers here. For guys in Korea or male tourists to Korea, the best retail outlets to shop are ZARA and Uniqlo (all foreign brand outlets - unfortunately). For guys looking for style, they can opt for the clothing alleys in downtown for vintage.

ZARA has fantastic cloths because the clothing changes very often so it's rare to see people wearing the same outfits (more of "individualism" you see) and in my case, no brand names sticking out like as in GUESS, Levi's or Bean Pole (a Korean brand). Uniqlo because the cloths are cheap, simple and soft :)

Luckily for women (if you are), you will be spoilt for choice when you shop for clothing in Korea. Lots of it really. In every nooks and crannies around Daegu (and in other cities), you will definitely see women retail outlets.


Few weeks ago, I attended a small graduation ceremony for foreigners in my university. It was to celebrate my friend's graduation. Time does really flies when I ponder awhile to think of my friend who had just graduated and she was among the first few Malaysians I met when I first arrived at Kyungpook.

Sumaya (the one holding the bouquet of flowers), friends and me

Her name is Sumaya. Sumaya and ex-KNU Malaysian friends! Thanks for the nice memories! I can still remember the first time I met them all - It was on a long lonely night in a chilly spring weather that I met them at a restaurant outside my campus. Can you imagine me then not knowing a single Korean word? It was so difficult but so glad I made it.

I will be back home for my summer vacation end of this month and my favorite quote is always this

"It's a funny thing about comin' home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You'll realize what's changed is you."

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

It's really true that as time passes, through bitter and harsh experiences, we grow up. I guess I am not in the position to say about myself but really, maturity and growing up are two different things. A person can be a grown up but he may lacks the maturity.

I like being young, I hate making mistakes but somehow, I can't run away from it. So I have no choice but to accept them as they were and get on with my life.

ADV - Blow Away the Heat in Caves!

It was really unusual that temperature in May recorded an average of 28 degree Celsius. It made some really worried about the coming heat of summer. Well, they were right. Why don’t we go on a trip to cool places?

One of Korea’s natural beauty lies with the caves. There had been a lot geographical changes in this peninsula which formed many nice natural sites in Korea.

There are several kinds of caves. Limestone caves are formed by the rainwater which dissolves the limestone layer. Sea caves are formed by abrasion of the ocean wave. Lava caves are formed by lava flow. Artificial caves are formed on a specific purpose.

There are more limestone caves and sea caves in Korea. Stalagmites, stalactites and stone pillars are so beautiful that more and more people keep visiting the caves. This article will guide you to explore the caves around Korea.

Korea’s only theme cave, Hwaam

Gold-colored Stalactite in Hwaam Cave (Source: Kookmin Ilbo)

Hwaam Cave is located in Jeongsun, Gangwon-do and is recognized as one of the great caves in Korea. It was listed in 1980 as monument No. 33. Most of all, it is highly recognized for its beauty and it is also one of the eight natural attractions in Jeongsun, Gangwon-do.

It is the only themed cave. The theme is ‘Meeting of the Gold and the Nature’. What makes it unique is that, Hwaam Cave was both a coal mine and a natural cave. To get to the starting point of the cave, you should take a shuttle train. You can truly feel the theme of the ‘Meeting of Gold and Nature’ there.

The tour length of Hwaam Cave is 1,803 meters and the tour takes approximately one and half hour. You can see some chapters in the cave. The chapters consist of ‘History’, ‘365 along with Gold Line’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘Gold world’, ‘Nature Wonder’. The cave was discovered during the mining of gold, so there are many displays and exhibits inside which are connected with Gold mine.

You can learn about the the history of gold mining. It is quite interesting to see gold bars too. In addition, there are some displays showing various kinds of gold mines, the uses of gold and the history of gold. For the children who are easily bored, there is a section on ‘Gold Ghost and Silver Ghost in Wonderland’ which are the mascots of this cave.

The Wonderland mascots will show how to mine for gold and gold products from the children’s perspective. Because of this, there are more family visitors in a cave tour.

Edited until here, but do read more at this link.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

ADV - Gochang appeared in Mischelin guide!

Have you heard of Mischelin guide? It is the most well known guidebook which is published by the Tire company Mischelin in 1900. The Mischelin is a renowned magazine that grades restaurants, which of the grading system is called 'Red Guide'.

Mischelin guide (Source: Joongang Ilbo)

It hasn't been long since it has adopted the 'Green Guide' system which grades tourists' attraction around the world. Well, it became a sensation when Mischelin Co. published the 450-page of 'Mischelin guide-Green'.

The number of places in Korea mentioned in this Mischelin guide are 23. There, we can find a rather unexpected name among other familiar names, Dolmen Museum, which is located in Gochang, Jeollabuk-do. There are few people know where the Dolmen museum is actually located.

In addition, not many people know that the dolmen is an attractive place to be visited. Isn't it good enough to visit this place? You will be surprised to know that it was awarded with the highest score - Three stars. Gochang has an old heritage but it doesn't mean that it is still stuck in the past. Let's travel to Gochang.

Places to visit!

Gochang Dolmen Museum

(Source : Korea Tourism Organization)

Temples of Goryeo dynasty, Seonun Temple and Dosolam

Seonun Temple (Source : Korea Tourism Organization)

Gochang's fortress

Gochang's fortress (Source:: Korea Tourism Organization)

Going to places with a variety of historical significances from the Joseon Dynasty of Gochang is a great experience. Gochang too has a long history of organizing festivals dating from the prehistoric Dolmen to the modern day festival.

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