Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fantastique Les Miserables!

A beautiful movie

It tells a story of a man (Valjean) who has repented his sins and trying to turn over a new leaf. He became very successful in his career but his past continues to haunt him. One day, after rescuing his dying worker (Fantine), he promised to do whatever necessary to help her daughter - Cosette. She dies beside him. 

Keeping to his promise, he raised Cosette well. From being a despised girl living in a place we wouldn't call home, with the love and tender care from Valjean, she grown up into a beautiful lady after several years. What bothers her daughter so much was that he still couldn't bear to tell her his past. 

One day, lonely and still a single lady, she caught the eye of a gentleman, Marius. Both fell in love at the first sight. 

Fast forward, revolution has now begun by the students at the inn. Javert (the police inspector posing as a spy) was caught but he was secretly freed by Valjean (who was secretly with the revolutionaries) because he believe in second chance and that people can change for a better. With odds stacked against the revolutionaries, the students fought to death with no one joining their cause but themselves.

Marius who was among the crowd- unconscious and injured, was rescued by Valjean because he (Valjean) knew his daughter loves him and he couldn't bear with any more loss of life. He dragged Marius into the sewers but was confronted by Javert at the end. 

"I dreamed a dream"

Javert unconsciously allowed him- Valjean, the parole breaker, thief, prisoner no. 24601, to pass and escape. Inside him, he became confused, to allow him to run away was akin to allowing a criminal to escape and breaking his vow of duty. However, if he arrested or shot him, he would have make no good to his savior and conflicted his moral values.

Unable to decide what is right or wrong, he ended his life by jumping over a bridge.

Marius and Cosette finally marries. (Fast forward again) When the greedy Thenardiers tried to blackmail Marius, he finally realized Valjean was the person who saved him at the barricade when he saw the ring stolen from him but worn by the blackmailer. 

He together with Cosette, rushes to find Valjean sitting at a convent and awaiting death. Valjean dies peacefully with both Marius and Cosette by his side

(and I watched this musical a day before my mid-term exam)

오늘 꼭 밤새 공부해야하겠네 ㅠㅠ 어제 정말 재미있었는데 더 중요하는 것 걍 무시했어.. 참~ 이런 성격 계속하면.. 공부할거도 많아질수도록.. 혹시 공부 다 할수있니? 나.. 힘내라!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ushering 2013: A New Year Letter

Dear ...,

Happy New Year! Have you made your New Year resolutions? How are things going on? There are just so many things I want to know from you!

This year, I think I rather not be overly ambitious making unrealistic goals. Have you ever heard of the story of the hare and tortoise? Of course you might have heard of the ending- the hare loses the race.

Nevertheless, I think it would be quite impossible if both were to really compete face to face in real life. It is just that fairy tales may seem believable for kids but at my age, there's no such thing as that. I cannot comprehend why would the tortoise dare to challenge the hare in the first place. I admire his guts though.  

My birthday last year, it was really unexpected...
My New Year resolutions this year is quite simple. Simple as it may seems, I am still a little doubtful on whether I can achieve all of it this year or not. I have only a very few things I would like to achieve this year, after countless of unaccomplished goals set at the beginning of every year.

I would love to sleep early, I slept very late almost everyday last year. I know it is unhealthy but I don't really have any choice. Hopefully, this year, I can achieve this goal. My guitar is lying at the corner of my room, it seems to have a better year many many years ago than now. I will start playing it. 

I wish I can see ducks everyday, swimming around so freely. If I get bored, I can always have roast duck for dinner.
New year is not about self accomplishments too, I would like to make someone happy. Academic achievements was my focus last year and I did very well. However, academic achievements are not a measure of one successes. They are just to prove that we have mastered the theories and foundation of our field. 

Vision Korea 2012. It was tough making presentations in Korean but we succeeded. 
Frankly, at this point of my life, I am getting sick of studying. Sigh.

Do you love traveling to foreign countries such as visiting France and seeing the beauty of Eiffel Tower? Tasting the delicious dumplings in China? I really love to travel and experience many things. Don't you agree with me that travelling abroad is the best lesson we can ever receive?

I didn't find posing in the toilet like most girls do sounds cool... but I can also do it! Woohoo -_-"
If you are with me, lets do bungee jump too. It is not really expensive to try one here in Korea. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Warm Regards,


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