Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coffee prince and princess?

With so many coffee shops in Korea, you are really spoilt for choice. *Click to enlarge*

In Malaysia, we had our famous Kopi-O but until now, I never tasted it. Either you can believe me or not, I never before taste black coffee in kopitiam and not even Nescafe (Korea really changes me in one way or another..). In Korea, coffee shops are common sights. From a place where you meet your friends, doing homeworks, studying, dating, to stealing free Wi-Fi, coffee shops in Korea are damn versatile!

However, it doesn’t come cheaply. The prices there are more like Starbucks in Malaysia for a small cup of espresso. Wah! It’s like highway robbery la wei! Since the "purchasing power" in Korea is quite high and since I am getting Korean money and had stayed in Korea for a long time, I don’t convert it to Malaysian money so buying an espresso at 4000 Won (RM 12) is affordable :)

I don’t fancy lots of coffee shops here, usually I prefer Da Vinci Coffee, Seven Monkeys and Vero Espresso. Da Vinci around my area is great, usually quite quiet so it’s great to meet up with close friends. Vero Espresso is because it’s cheap. I went there every day during exam week at night. Sometimes, to buy hot chocolate and sometimes, I am there to do small group study. It’s only 1500 Won (RM 4.50) for one, very, very cheap!!!

For 7 Monkeys, I am there usually with my Korean friends and sometimes, foreign friends. This is a place I did my last minute revisions and I had lots of fond memories there too. The only coffee shop that I had uncountable memories and so many firsts ^^ so I am pretty bias when saying this is the best place to drink. Nevertheless, I find 7 Monkey's a great place but sometimes I can’t differentiate their drinks, everything tastes almost the same - espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate -_-“

Waffles? Ah can you smell it???

For waffles, this is my favourite place to go!!!

Highly Recommended!

So this is Korea lah. I have many things to blog these days but I am a bit busy. Well, I try to change my blog layout but has too many limitations unlike wordpress. I find the layout's okay but still, it is unstable sometimes (when you visit this blog, you will notice some contents are missing, especially the traffic counter) Writing my resume too takes lots of my time, but I will be try to update more.

Coffee at 7 Monkeys

PS. If my story about Korea bores you out... I hope not.. Haha. I had already created another blog, it’s squeaky clean and is free from things that are related to Korea. But you will still find some of it though :P Can’t be help. *Will tell more in due time*

PPS. I am currently writing for Korean Government, ah it's a long story, so I have to post so-called articles from them, I edited all of them but I have to post 3 more articles within this month but see, I left 6 more days! Editing takes lots of time and ideas do not come freely, and I don’t use Wikipedia in blogging other than in my studies ;) So for their articles, I might just as well cut and paste them. Only 3 articles. Informative ones so don't miss them out!


Aida Sharina said...

Don't wanna try visit ''The 1st of Coffee Prince'' shop that located at Hongdae? (=

kyle said...

I'll try going there if I am in Seoul one day.

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