Friday, April 8, 2011

Hey buddy - We're radiated

Radioactive materials from Japan might hit South Korea this week, state-run agencies said Monday. Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety and Korea Meteorological Administration said that winds containing radioactive materials from Fukushima nuclear plants might reach Korea by Thursday.

“As high pressures develop around Japan, atmospheres in the height of 1-3 km may reach Korea through the East China Sea in the form of southwesterly winds on Thursday morning,” KMA spokesman Kim Seung-bai said, adding that heavy rain is expected.

The direction of the winds is drawing public attention as Koreans are concerned about exposure to radioactive materials that the winds from Japan may contain.

Yun Choul-ho, president of KINS, said that the concentration level of radioactive materials reaching Korea will be almost negligible. He pointed to the decreasing concentration levels of radioactive materials in the regions near the Fukushima power plants. “Since the concentration levels in radioactive materials in Japan are low, the effects here in Korea will be minimal even if winds may blow in our direction,” Yun said.

“It is better not to be exposed to rain as it usually contains dust and air pollutants,” said Kim from KMA. “The rain expected this week might contain some radioactive materials from Japan but the concentration level is in very low.“

(Source : Korea Herald)

Well, well... Yesterday it rained. This morning it rained too. In my university, even when the rain stops, they still use the umbrellas. I find it useless to be carrying an umbrella all day because when it rains, the whole air will be filled with moistures (radioactive moistures too)

Every Science students should know that harmful radioactive rays can penetrate most objects from alpha rays (can be blocked by a thin paper), beta rays (thin foil) and gamma (solid thick lead block) so by protecting ourselves with just a small layer of plastic (of the umbrella)?

Is it enough? I think not.

Life is already too worrisome so why add more worries? If wanna follow the "sheeps", use an umbrella even when it's not raining. Just to be save. :) I'll be in my room.

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