Sunday, April 10, 2011

GS Hamburger, the one like no other

Koreans have very unusual habit. When supermarkets/stores have promotions, Koreans will flock there like a tiger pursuing it's prey. Few months ago, E-mart discount hypermarkets in Korea had a promotion offering a full set of fried chicken at less than half the price offered by many competitors.

Guess what? They were sold out within hours. People were already seen queuing up few hours before even the chickens were fried. The promotion was cancelled a few days later due to demonstrations by small fried chicken restaurant owners because the promotion hurts their profit margin.

Then, came the cheap raw chicken offered by Homeplus. The customers had to take up queue number like what we do when we are in a bank.

The packaging

Enough for breakfast, tea time, lunch and dinner

Tomato, lettuce, pickles, sauces..

Looking good?

Recently, GS Supermarket had a promotion where "giant" burgers were sold for only 5000 Won each instead of the normal 12000 Won. They too were sold out within hours. Though some of my friends managed to buy it, I'll say it's just too unhealthy if eaten alone.

Still it looked so tantalizing. Haiz. As a matter of fact, the last time I had a burger was when I was in Seoul few months back.

Snacks at GET 2011 sponsored by Costco

Burger in Korea comes in a lot of varieties, some can be microwaved, some are instant, some big and some small. Specialty hamburger too can be found in some restaurants around Daegu downtown.

I prefer ordering burger made with pure handmade meat patty in some restaurants at downtown than over fast food restaurants. The secret in eating the best burger? Definitely the handmade ones. At around 10000 Won for a handmade hamburger.

Expensive? Well, there's the price to pay for the best burger in town. Right?

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