Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wanna visit me in Korea FOC?

Location : Line Clear Nasi Kandar Restaurant

A : Haiyah sien la... holiday now but nothing to do... wanna go out ah?

B : Go out your head, everyday go Queensbay, Gurney and ... (Note - for those not from Penang, Malaysia, do add your famous shopping malls of your city/country) bo sien like that la (Translation : Isn't it kinda boring if everyday go there...)

A : Abo, lets work Part-time la

B : Celaka, my holiday become working days. Go and die la

Familiar with this situation? I am sure many of you guys are now having long semester break (me too), so imagine another scenario...

*jeng jeng jeng*

Location : Same as above

A : Haiyah sien la... holiday now but nothing to do... wanna go out ah?

B : Why go out la, next week gotta big day d la...

A : You gonna get married d ah, or you gone siao d. Holiday bo sampai 1 week lu cakap ada big day..
(Translation : Are you going to get married? or have you became crazy? It's not even 1 week of our holiday but now you are already saying next week is your big day)

B : Hey fren, I am going Korean (lol), I mean Korea next week k! foc (free of charge) too maleh.

A : Wah la wei

B : I am going to meet this handsome guy to k... his name is Park Ji Sung, famous footballer k... I heard he is the best player in MU (lol)... nah see his pic... *showing the pic - check out below*

B : Opps, sorry wrong pic... but he really look like him la... who's him btw??? ex-MU footballer I think, his name might be Cristiano Ronaldo Kyle, very famous one. (hehehe)

B : Nah... not him too... lol. Just kidding, this is him. :)

A : WAHHHH... Wanna follow you la... Wait... let me take out something from my pocket, my Nobody Nobody but yoooouu girlfriend gave it to me, this pic... *Pic below*

B : Ah~ This is in Seoul... Anyway, I have 2 tickets to Seoul FOC, lets go there, I'll meet him, either Park Ji Sung or... Cristiano guy while you meet your nobody nobody but YOU gf okay?

A : Wah... thank you very much.. will ask her to give you her autograph...


Well I am not kidding you. Really.

*Click on it to see in a higher resolution and go to this website to participate*

Hope to see you guys in Seoul. lol.

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