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ADV - Lost in the fragrance of flowers, Spring Flowers Festivals

For those thinking of a spring day out, then this might be what you are looking for!

The unusually cold March has gone and now we have warm sunlight telling us that Spring is just around the corner. The field flowers are welcoming the spring which returned after a long absence. The fragrance of Spring is reaching at the every corner including mountains, fields and even cities of Korea.

Uiseong Cornlian cherry flower festival (Uiseong-gun, Gyeongbuk-do)

Cornlian cherry flower (Photo with permission from Uiseong-County Office)

The ‘garlic’ town of Uiseong is now busy preparing for the upcoming spring festival. It will soon organize the festival of Cornlian cherry flower whose yellow bud can remind you of a shy girl. Starting from the ritual for good harvest, night for the multicultural family, Singing contest, Walkathon and other various events. It will be held from 26th March for a few weeks.

Why don’t we go for a Spring trip to Uiseong surrounded by the scent of these yellow flowers? It will definitely be a wonderful memory that you can have with your family and your friends.

Period: 26 March 2011 (Sat)~ 10 April (Sun)
Location: Sansuyu Square Hwajeon-ri, Sagok-myeon, Uiseung-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The Han River Spring Flower Festival (Yeongdeungpo, Seoul)

The Han River Spring Flower Festival

There is another festival for those who cannot afford to go out of Seoul. Office workers will be glad to hear this! There will be Spring Flower Festival in Yeoui-do from 8th April with the theme, “Harmony of Flowers, Nature, Human, and Arts”.

You may find over 13 types of 87,359 spring flowers, such as azalea, forsythia, royal azalea, bridal wreath, including 1,641 trees of prunus yedoensis.

Why don’t you go for the Han River Yeouido Spring Flower Festival for the weekends?

Period: 8~ 19 April 2011
Location: Yeoui-do Park Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Azalea Art Festival at Mt. Goryeo (Ganghwa-gun, Incheon)

Mt. Goryeo covered with Azalea

You might not know this Spring Flower Festival had recorded over 350,000 visitors last year including the people from capital area. Well, the name is “Azalea Art Festival at Mt. Goryeo”. This year as well, it will have the same festival that we can enjoy not only azalea but also the historical culture and clean environment of Ganghwa.

The festival will be consisting of art exhibition, photo exhibition and a small concert along the trail, cooking Hwajeon which is a pan-fried sweet rice cake with flower petals and street art performances and other various programs. It will be held from 4th to 9th April for 9 days, but the culture event will be held for 4 days during weekends. If you want to be a guest of this nature’s purple feast, this festival will be perfect.

Period: 9~ 24 April 2011
Location: Mt. Goryeo Hajeom-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon

Shinan Tulip Festival (Shinan-gun Jeollanam-do)

Shinan Tulip Festival

Shinan, Jeollanam-do, which is well-known for its heavenly nature, was selected by domestic flower experts as a best area for planting tulips with its fertile soil, abundant amount of sunshine, and a lot of sea breeze.

Since 2001, they have planted tulips in the nation’s largest area which occupied 10 hectares, and ready for the 4th Tulip Festival from 15 April. You will enjoy the various ceremonies from orchestra performance to Pungmul play, If you don’t want to miss it, do not hesitate!

Period: 15~24 April 2011
Location: Shinan Tulip Park, Imja-myeon Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do

If you have a chance to see those flowers signaling the arrival of Spring, see in quick! But soon it will be gone and this is the best time to see the blossoms. Let’s go!

※ Source of Photos : Korea Tourism Organization

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