Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Travelling around Korea

To travel means to see and experience new things. Though Korea is a great place for shopping, I think making new friends and doing memorable things (like charity) along the way are more self satisfying than just looking for nice things to buy.

It's good to be well-equipped for the trip and sometimes it's quite fun to travel out of the usual route travelled mostly by tourists. Just don't wander too far from the usual route and everything will be okay

When I travel, I always carry my trusty camera, it doesn't has to be a DSLR, even a normal point and shoot camera does wonder. Once we progressed to a stage where taking pictures had became a-must, DSLR cameras are quite useful. Lenses do not come cheap though. That's the problem faced by people with brand new DSLR cameras.

After I took the pictures, I had to "clean" the photos. Editing comes in. I used Photoshop but these days, I prefer using basic softwares like PhotoScape and Olympus Master 2. They can be downloaded free of charge on the internet and some of the them are included in the camera box when we buy a camera.

But I like my photos to look natural so I rarely photoshop them. I prefer cropping to remove unwanted distractions.

A basic T-Money Prepaid card (top) and Limited Edition Commemorative G20 Summit T-Money (below)

My Daegu Transportation card, only in Daegu

Travelling in Seoul means you need to have T-Money. T-Money is like a prepaid card whereby you can travel around Seoul with this card. You can pay for buses and also taxi fares with that card. Some convenience stores even allow payment through T-Money. In my city, I use Daegu Card. Functions are the same minus there's no convenience stores here that accept payment using this card :(

After T-money, get a right pair of shoes according to the season. Winter in Korea is bad and sometimes the roads or walkways resembled more of ice skating rings. So a pair of boots would be helpful. Then what should we do when we see nice things?

Write it down. A pen and small notebook are more than sufficient to record the trip before you forget. I utilized my camera when I need to explain something that couldn't be written down on paper. It will help on your next trip here again. Then, taste the local food, Korean food are really one of a kind in Asia.

Some tourists came to Korea expecting Korean food to be okay but the food might not be tasty for some people. Some Korean food are really spicy while some are really smelly (like the 된장 찌개 with its fermented bean paste ^^). So don't be disappointed if you did not get what you like. The Korean food in Korea are really different from the ones we find back home. I like Korean pancakes.

Other than that, bring plenty of money and some sense of adventure! Happy travelling!

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