Saturday, February 26, 2011

KNU Korea - Graduation Day

Today is the day everyone will have lots of memories.
To some, this will be the final meetup with friends
To others, this is the day to get drunk
Happy times and sad times, part and parcel of life.

Everyone will somehow arrive at this phase in life, mortarboards will soon be worn on top of our head. My time too will come soon.

In Korea as in every countries, graduation ceremony is a big occasion. Parents, relatives and friends gathered to witness this special moments. In KNU (Kyungpook National University) roads were littered with cars parked hazardly. Along the side walks, businesses flourished from stalls selling bouquet of flowers, drinks and 오댕 (fish cake) to photography services.

No difference from Malaysian university? I think it's almost the same. Like every friends should do during his/her friend's graduation day, I tried going to each and every friends' graduation ceremony.

So on this very day, I tried to schedule who first to visit since I had appointment with friend for lunch and dinner.

I woke up late purposely that day because I am skipping workout. Usually I am always lazy to take early bath in the morning so that after breakfast and gym, it is much more convenient to bath. Imagine waking up early for shower, then breakfast, rest, then go gym, after that shower again. Get the point? Ah~ Nevermind...

In KNU, it was kinda inconvenient for the ceremony to be held in different places depending on your major. So lets say, I have a friend majoring in Finance and another one is in Biology, I could only pick one to go and see. Going to my finance-majored friend or another biology-majored friend.

After the hu hah photo taking ceremony, it was buffet lunch. The good food were all meat, and the only thing that looked tempting was still meat. So we all transformed into carnivores for a day. The restaurant was called T3 샤부 샤부 식당 (restaurant) located near E-mart in Daegu. Good service but only alcohol (pay by yourself, not included in buffet) or water for drinks.

Sitting with heavy eaters made the amount I ate felt too little so I unconsciously took more.


On March 27, It's gonna be my second year in Korea. :) Sometimes, I felt a bit nostalgic but nevertheless glad that I am still doing good. Hope everything's gonna be awesome.

These days, I am quite busy with outings and there are so many meet-ups because the new semester will start soon. I hate attending classes sometimes especially on monday morning! After a weekend of sleeping late and outings, I tend not to be able to wake up early. Oh and this semester, I have monday morning classes :(

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