Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jeon (전) - Delicious, in every bite

I gotta tell you something. Wanna know? Of all Korean food, my favorite is always the Jeon (전) or the Korean pancake. It's not Bibimbap, it's never fried rice with kimchi, it might not be Ramyeon and Kimchi jjigae? Of course not!

Though Jeon is one of the side dishes in Korean cuisine and is not the main dish. I love it to bits. I have no specific kind of Jeon or Korean pancake that I like, I like everything. Muahaha! lol

How to make 김치전 or Kimchi Pancake (Clip above)

There's many types of Jeon, from the pa jeon (파전) which is made from spring onion, kimchi jeon or 김치전 (made from kimchi), kul jeon (굴전) from the ever delicious oyster, Hobak jeon (호박전) or the pumpkin pancake and many many more.

Seafood pancake, Korean style

I like seafood, spring onion and kimchi pancake because it's simply simple yet nutritious. Not to forget, it's healthy too except the one made from oyster but well who really cares?

The best place to enjoy pancakes is usually at the market or restaurants (but it's quite difficult to find it over there because as said, it is usually served as a side dish and not main course). In Dongdaegu market, a big piece of pa jeon (파전) is around 4000 Won each.

The best place to try the Korean pancake is in Jeonju, the culinary region of Korea. It can be reached by bus from Daegu or anywhere with good bus terminal and will take less than 2 hours (if from Daegu).

Pancake as the main dish with 반찬 (side dishes)

The seafood pancake in Jeonju (전주) might be at least 15000 - 25000 Won per plate since Jeonju is widely known as the traditional Korean food village. Since a small bowl of bibimbap there is already 10000 Won (I wrote this before), there's a very high possibility that this type of pancake will be much more expensive.

At Jeonju..

It's really not easy to be on budget in Jeonju especially regarding the food expenses. You get good food instead! To make kimchi jeon is easy (watch the youtube video above) but it's easy said than done.. Well, but with the "right" determination and hunger for great home-cooked Korean food. You can make it yourself.

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