About Me

I always like writing and I can consider myself a travel writer with passion for photography.

I am currently living in Korea doing my undergraduate studies. People always say that been a government scholar in a Korean University is among my significant accomplishment. However, I beg to differ. As at today, it has been slightly over 2 years I have resided in Korea. My Korean language has improved by leaps and bounds, I have ventured into many interesting places as well as taking up hill climbing and skiing.

In between my hectic daily life, I do write and contribute articles to my university. In that sense I believe, my achievements here in Korea aren’t (and should not really be) exactly academic ones - what most people might consider the benchmarks of success.

I believe that to learn about real life is by living it, rather than just experiencing it from the dry text of a book. Life to me is really more than what you learn in a classroom. My philosophy of life is to chase your dreams while you are young so that when you are older, you will have no regrets.

I’m a university student and blogger living in Daegu, South Korea. This blog serves as a testing ground for my views, photos and personal ramblings.

In the past, I enjoyed success with academic writing – but have always pursued an interest in drawing and sports.

In addition, I have been fortunate enough to contribute several articles for my university’s KNU Times. In 2010, I was selected by the Presidential Council on Nation Branding, Republic of Korea to write articles about Korea.

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