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Skiing in Korea - Elysian

I like skiing. When skiing, there are a few basic tips to follow. The first technique that will be taught by any ski instructors is to brake. Braking is of utmost importance especially when going down the slope.

So while braking, make your skis into a V-shape position. This reduces the speed gradually to a standstill. However, sometimes while speeding, I have the tendency to not be able to make the V-shape. Bam!


Anyway, turning around is easy when we looked from far but by actually doing it, it was really difficult for first timers. Turning around while skiing requires moving your body to the direction that you want to go.. Easy huh?

Elysian Resort

Muju Resort

I had skied in Muju Resort and this time, I will be skiing at Elysian ski resort. Getting there is easy unlike in Muju Resort because it is near Seoul. That's good for people who wants to learn a new hobby in Seoul. :)

Elysian GangChon Ski Resort

This is the best ski resort for beginners and expert skiers alike because of the many different slopes available. From the basic slope for beginners to slopes of more than 45 degrees inclination, it was better than skiing in Muju Resort. In Muju, the slopes were only catered for good skiers so during my first trip, it was really intimidiating for basic skier like me. Slopes available in Elysian can be viewed here.

Getting there:

*Short clip around Elysian*

To get to Muju, I did write it before in this post. The way to reach Elysian Resort is just by taking a subway to 사당 (Sadang Station) in Line 4. In my case, from my hostel in 동양미래, I took a bus to 신도림 (Sindorim) and then subway to 서울역 (Seoul Station) to pick up a friend who wanted to go ski. From here, we took a train to 사당 to meet with the other Malaysians.

서울역 (Seoul Station) - 사당 (Sadang), all in Line 4 - 사당 12출구 (Sadang Station Exit 12) - Bus stop outside the exit. (We took the complimentary shuttle bus provided by the resort at 10.50 am, do check out the time available )

Since the Malaysians had not yet arrived as promised, we went for breakfast in a small Korean restaurant. This time, I ate ramyeon... I never like ramyeon.. :(

The journey to the resort from the bus stop took approximately an hour and half. The resort is located in the mountain so by the time we reached there, it was freezing cold. There are many skiing packages available, one of them is family package. At only 358800 Won (around 320 USD) for 4 person, I think the price is reasonable. This also includes an instructor and the rental of equipments.

*click to view*

Going back home is the same, just take the same complimentary bus and follow the opposite direction of the route plan. Skiing is an exhausting sport because it requires balance and frequent braking means frequent V-shape position. The V-shape position strained my leg because I skied only once a year so I was not yet used to it.

Overall, a fantastic experience! 대박!


cathy ck said...

is the packages including ski suit?i can understand hanguel..they have no english translation for the packages?i plan to go with 4 other u think there is packages suitable for us??

kyle said...

Yup, everything is included (for the family package) but it was last year...

what do you meant by "English translation for the packages"? I don't get you :P

Frankly, it depends on individual preferences. And there is no other packages available to learn skiing there.

If you know how to ski, you can pick either the evening session or the afternoon ones. Rental of equipment is separate.


cathy ck said...

sorry i meant i cant understand hanguel..><...i meant did the resort have details written in English?i never ski before so i am a bit worry lol...

Isabelle said...

Hi, is there any lift or conveyor lift bring you to the beginner slope (A or A1)?

kyle said...

Most probably yes.

Lily said...

hi this is Lily. I am a Malaysian.

Can I know is there any local ski package fm Seoul to Elysian. I hv checked around fm internet and I donot see many local tours going to Elysian

If you know the name of any local tour agency in seoul pls let me know

Teresa said...

Hi, my family and I have booked with a Korean tour company which will bring us to Elysian Ski Resort coming Dec 2014. We found them under Tripadvisor Reviews. They're highly recommended. If you're interested, you can email them at ""
You can also visit their website or facebook. Just key in 'thisiskorea' and everything will appear.
Hope you'll have a wonderful and enjoyable time!

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