Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pictures around Daegu

In Korea, my hobby is always photography. Photography does not requires any qualifications and no training whatsoever to be good so I have to learn from scratch. When I was young, I got myself involved in playing chess because I prefer sitting down than actual sports - ermm...

Just kidding

Nope, it was because I like playing any games that requires thinking and strategy so I think chess club might suit me well. Besides, I would like to continue to be in the club I had participated since I was around 10 years old. But for now, photography.

My Memories under the Rain

Shot in Kyungpook National University, my university. Taken on rainy day to multiply the effects.


Raindrops can really transform a windscreen into a fascinating shooting subject.

The policemen

This picture was taken at a split second when one of the policemen started to turn around and look at the camera. Instantaneously, I clicked.

My master and my guard

This is a Siberian Husky. This type of dog is loyal, big and the black-white fur made it looked more aggressive (which they are not).

The Pink lantern

The lantern marks the upcoming of Buddha's birthday celebration. Korea has two major religions, Buddhism and Christianity. Though Paganism exists, it was not as widespread as now.

My childhood craving

When I was young, I like Candy floss. I took this photo just to remind me of how time passes so quickly and how as one grow up, our preferences also change as quickly as time.

This is me and my friend. I love photography. Do you plan to take pictures with me around Malaysia or Korea? I am still learning and I took them (photographs) with my heart, not the camera - hyperbolically lah... Hehe.

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