Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saemaul Undong

Last November, I went to Seoul for a seminar and planned to travel around Seoul at night. Though I managed to visit a few places, the trip was practically crammed up so I didn't do much in this one day trip. Most importantly, I managed to meet up with the government scholars for dinner. The place was around 이대역.

Ravished by the Korean War and development was a neccesity after the war. Saemaul (새마을운동) was one of the organizations started by the Korean Government in the early days to support the rural communities through team work and leadership. During the lecture, we were told that each village received only 2 bags of cements to kickstart development projects.

It was impossible to start a development project with so little raw materials but the villagers chipped in, they toiled the farm, worked in the quarry to produce small stones so that road can be build and the women worked in farms to earn side incomes.

After the success of the Saemaul program in Korea, the organization is trying to spread the know-how to the developing countries, mostly in African continent so that the countries will too in the future, be as developed as Korea. However my only grouse in this program is that the know-how is mostly agriculture based.

To develop a country in a fast pace, agriculture should not be totally relied on as it is not that profitable compare to manufacturing or service-based industries. But being self sufficient in staple food like rice or wheat is a must and sadly we (Malaysia) haven't reach this self sufficiency stage for now. Though Malaysia is among the top 20 import-export nation in the world, there's still more to go.

Nevertheless, do refer Saemaul Undong Korea website if you are interested in it. In this Saemaul Undong program, Malaysia do not get much coverage because we seemed to not be in need of "help".

흠~ 오늘 마음이 안 좋다 머리가 넘 아파 ㅋㅋㅋ 새로운 학기 시작하면 새로운 꿈 자지고 와! 난 국가대표이야! 더한 나는 국제쓰기경쟁에 참석할까 말까 해... 항상 이유는 시간 때문이다 ㅋㅋㅋ 언제 나 시간 있습니까?

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