Monday, December 20, 2010

Post of the month - Korean Style, fab trends

Sometimes we do wonder how some people are so well dressed, but how they did it? Clothing really represents our personality but it depends on - money. I used to be tempted to buy Harvard Uni clothings but I am not from Harvard so I just forget about it. Maybe next time I will have it, during my graduate school or when I 다시 태어나면 (If I am reborn again la. hehe)

You can too... for a cost...

This line of clothing is for people on the lookout for short-term fame just by wearing the "Harvard" (or other prestigious schools) sign-printed clothing. Is statuses really important? Is by graduating in famous school makes you great? Well, in this cruel, cat eat dog, dog eat cat world, sadly, it's really true. But clothing? it's so artificial lah!

About 25 USD...

Well, that doesn't matter to me :) Why worry so much?? I believe we should take a step at a time. Life is so beautiful and we should live our lives the way we sincerely want. Am I being too optimistic while blogging? lol. Anyway, just by googling the web, you can see lots of companies that are selling "Harvard" or other Ivy League clothings. From oh la la lingerie to baby bib. wth.

Lets continue with my blog okay? In Korea, we usually spend our time shopping online. In fact, most of the clothings bought by my ex-roommate were from online stores like Gmarket or Auction and not ebay or any other. When in Korea, do choose to shop on Gmarket instead of the latter as Gmarket has practically more variety.


In Korea, the shops I like are basically Korean with a mix of other well known ones. I don't like GAP though. To do online shopping in Korea, you will need to open an account (except for Gmarket and Auction, it's very difficult for foreigners!) and it's better to shop on the spot.

Frankly, the best place to shop in Korea is ZARA. It's a common one but with a bit class in it. In Korea at the end every season, ZARA shops have great discounts, usually up to 50% so it will be a little cheaper but for fashion-conscious people, they tend to avoid buying them alltogether. Every season in Korea means different style and theme. However, check out for the clothing/accessories because sometimes the threads do get mis-stitched often. :(

Then, it's Uniqlo. A Japanese brand. For Japanese, it's for 가난 사람 (poor people) because it's comparatively cheaper than most clothings but suprisingly the jeans are fabulously good. Buy the jeans. It's almost similar to Levi's but for the fraction of the price. Btw, the winter clothing here sucks! :(

Who.A.U (Sweaters, down winter wear, summer and casual wear), CLRIDE.n (Winter military jumper), POLHAM (Summer wear) and Bean Pole (More expensive than ZARA so I don't go are all famous Korean brands. Visiting Who.A.U is quite cool because all the shops have the same distinct smell and the clothings look great too. POLHAM is quite unique because their clothings are very colorful, you are more going to look like a clown after over wearing it ^^

Giordano is so common, in Malaysia, we too had it, but I think this clothing line is great in Korea but not in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the colours are too plain but FORTUNATELY in Korea, it's wayyyy better! So do drop by there. However it's quite expensive for types like cardigans, over 40 USD!. Others are okay but they still sell last year's sweater (나는 작년에 샀는 스웨터도 있다 ㅋㅋ) though. Hmmn..

A really cool video by SPAO..

And lastly the place I only know about this year was the SPAO (I had mentioned it on my starting note of this post and my last post). With the endorsement of Super Junior and 소녀시대 (Girls' generation), I am sure SPAO is sure going to be a hit among Koreans. Things there are quite cheap and OMG, the T-shirts with Girls' Generation's pics were sold on eBay 3-5 times the normal price!

I know there are other nice clothings in Korea like H&M, etc but those mentioned were the common ones in Korea. Visit Korea and you will definately find out more here. On a personal note, right now I am currently quite free and doing nothing in particular so I can write long post. No plans for tomorrow too. Leave me a comment and ask me anything (will try to answer) :)

PS. I need protein. Korean food have too much vege and so little meat. Not complaining but hey, I need protein! I can't be eating bibimbap-like food on every alternate day.


Damone said...

i'm same from the country as you are i think..
hope you can share some tips on how to apply the scholarship...

kyle said...

hope this link helps

read out more ;)

Malaysian KGSP blog

rimun said...

Hi! just read ur all about korea blog!! it's awesome :) haha I always envy those who got a chance to study in korea haha..I wish i got a chance to further my studies there soon..yes SOON!!! hopefully!! May i know how was the price of zara in korea? is it the same in malaysia? hey would you encourage people to take up postgrad in korea..hmm engineering..? I m learning some basic's an elective course..haha hard but fun! :)

kyle said...

thanks! i think zara msia and korea are the same.. nevertheless im not really sure because i am more interested in outers/jackets than summer clothings here. u can't find such thing in zara msia.

doing postgrad course especially in engineering here is very good. but the life of a postgrad student can a bit stressful.

hope it helps~

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