Sunday, April 10, 2011

Daegu, Birthday and Anju

Yesterday was my friend's birthday party, he (Daan - the birthday boy) is also a blogger for the Korean Government (who unfortunately, I do not know his blog address).

I was already busy then with my studies (and this blog) to be able to go for more social events. But sometimes, as a friend, we can be a lil' bit flexible with the self-imposed "restriction".

His birthday party or get-together was at 노는놈들 (Pronounced as "No nen nom der"), looks more like a restaurant than a bar. It's really a good place to organize small party because of the privacy and the atmosphere here was great.

However it's quite far away from the "more happening area" outside my campus. *Do refer to the map below for direction*

We met at 8 pm, before that I had a hard time thinking what to buy for him. Should I buy him a car? maybe not. Maybe a toy car fits my budget better. :) Nevertheless, together with Julie, a nice master student from the Philippines, we bought a present for Daan.

Maybe not...

Daan and Julie

Daan, excited with his gift. (Actually I too do not know what Julie bought for him, even when we shared the cost for the gift. lol)

In Korea, every time alcohol is been consumed, there's always at least a side dish called Anju (안주), it can be either nutty snacks or fruits to even fried chicken (Quite common). Anyway, this is one of the culture in Korea.

As long we don't overindulge and everything are in moderation, all will be fine.

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