Thursday, March 31, 2011

A round of applause?

Hi readers,

Today is my last day writing under World Students in Korea (WSK), a program by the Korean Government. Throughout my half year writing for that particular program, it was really a one heck of an experience. I started blogging on July 2008, a long time back but I never expected to be blogging for Korean Government.

Autumn in Daegu

I started the journey in autumn

Continued through winter...

Tried and tasted...

Taking photos and telling my story

Blogging isn't easy when we were all given tasks to do - just blog and blog... So how did I do it? I travel, I write, I think, I photograph and I tell my journey

Travelling in Korea requires lots of guts. To experience the real Korea, It's always better to travel off the beaten track but sadly only the adventerous ones are the ones doing it. Try to be different.

So a few weeks ago, I wrote a travel blog in Seoul. However, my interests are always in Daegu (my city) and places rarely visited by foreign tourists, like Andong and Pohang.

I hope you readers too will enjoy/like/love my travel blog more than my personal rants. lol. But if you like everything, then you're just so cool :)

Nevertheless, anyone can be a blogger. I am always keen to read your blog too. Many thanks for reading.



Last week, Korean government scholars (of my batch) had a small meet-up after not meeting up for almost a year. We decided to have our lunch together and we chose a small but famous restaurant serving 볶음 밥 (something like fried rice).



In Korea when ordering dishes, usually they will serve them all for the rest of the people on the table together. So, if you prefer to eat separately, you'll have to tell the waiter/waitress.

We chose fried squid rice (because this is the only one, okay for my Muslim friends). The restaurant provided the usual complimentary coke. But a 500 ml bottle for 3? After lunch, we went to a cafe.

Cafe or coffee shop meet-ups are very common in Korea. After the huh hah there, we went back feeling glad as we were able to meet even when our classes were already started.


I will have an exam next week. Exams after exams.. Need to get lucky this time again. Hehe.

This will be my 173th post and counting...


Yelena Lim said...

I kind of do not understand, why today's the last day of WSK? :) I thought the program will be until April 30.

rimun said...

Hey dont stop blogging/writing!! I really enjoy reading your blog and lov ur pics!!
Keep it up fighting o^^o
Hee would u mind to write something like korea Gmarket..some instruction for foreigners to do purchasing online?...its just a suggestion hee:)

kyle said...

yelena - i know it's not the last day but i'll have many exams soon... will be cutting down on postings. ㅋㅋ

rimun - thanks. will be blogging, dont "worry". just kidding :) will look into your ideas though but i think only until the next month at the very least coz i am quiite busy this month with never ending exams.

thanks for reading. ^^

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