Friday, March 25, 2011

Ramyeon - the food for ...

There is always a time in my dormitory when the cafeteria will be closed. Though it is kinda rare in Korea because public holidays here can be counted with just our 2 hands. In Malaysia, we have King's birthday, Governor's birthday, Deepavali, Raya, CNY and this and that, sometimes more than a few weeks if counted in total.

When the cafeteria is closed, I will usually go to nice restaurants but sometimes due to the importance of certain festive holiday in Korea like the Lunar New Year (same as CNY in Malaysia), the whole stetch or restaurants (expensive and cheap ones) will be closed.

Of course, certain shops like Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts were opened but I couldn't be eating donuts and ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner all the time, right? So in those miserable times, I will opt for ramyeon. Usually, in the cafeteria, I always avoid eating ramyeon..

열라면 ("Fever" Ramyeon)

신라면 (Shin Ramyeon)

짜장 볶이(Jjajang Bokki)

In those times, I tried a few variety of ramyeon. The first ramyeon I tried was the one called 열라면 ("열" means either "Fever", "Open" or "Ten" in Korean while "라면" is ramyeon). It was okay but if compare to the next ramyeon, it tasted better.

The next ramyeon was called 신라면 (Shin Ramyeon). Contrary to popular view that this is the best ramyeon in town, I find it as the worst among the 3 ramyeons I ate. Finally it was the Jjajang Bokki (짜장 볶이), it was a combination of black soy sauce and noodle. Taste was so-so.

I always accompany Ramyeon with canned Tuna, preferably from Malaysia (which is imported from Thailand). In the winter, spicy food never taste so gooddd...

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