Sunday, March 13, 2011

Alone? But where to stay in Seoul?

Staying in Seoul is never a big problem if you have lots of money. For budget travellers, cheap motels (it's not so 3rd rated here..), guesthouses and 찜질방 (at the very end of accomodation "foodchain" other than sleeping on streets :P) are all basic places to stay. Since I know friends living in Seoul, places to stay is not a big issue for me.

Bebop Guesthouse

This is the only guesthouse I had ever been in Seoul. A friend from Daegu planned to come over Seoul but she did not have any places to stay. Armed with only a sense of adventure and a small piece of paper containing an area map, we travelled to 홍대.

홍대 or Hongdae is a famous spot for clubs and bars. At the very end of the month, there's a kind of event called club day, so just by buying a ticket, you can visit nearly all clubs in the area. This is a clubbing place.

Bebop guesthouse is a bit pricier for me because the rooms were quite small and it has to accommodate many guests. At about 20K a person for an average room (6 people sharing), it's better to rent a hotel or motel if travel by big groups.

But for lone travellers and maybe people travelling by 2, this is quite a decent place. :) Breakfast of eggs and bread is provided too. Too bad it's all self service. Visit the guesthouse's homepage for more info.

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