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Still in Seoul - Day 4 (ii)

From the continuation of previous post

Ankara Picnic - Kebabs again

While waiting for my Muslim friends for their friday prayer, we went to Ankara Picnic, arguably the best place to have Kebab in Korea. Located just directly outside 이태원 3 출입구 (Itaewon Exit No. 3), it is quite easy to spot the place.

Unlike the previously mentioned Kebab stall in 이대, it has only 2 varieties of kebab to choose from, either chicken or lamb. I chose lamb because common sense, it was better to try something not eaten everyday like the lamb meat. At only 4000 Won, it was delicious! The meat was very succulent.

It is a must visit for visitors coming to Itaewon! Just be wary of the spiciness of the Chili sauce. Do not ask for more if you are not used to spicy food.

Itaewon Tourist Information Centre

Located just below the Itaewon Exit 3, do visit the centre and ask for recommendations on where to go in Korea. The staffs are extremely helpful. It's better to ask than to get lost in Korea.

Namsan (남산)

From 이태원 (Itaewon), we were planning to go 남산 (Namsan). The best way getting to Namsan, we took a bus from Exit no. 6 of Dongguk University Station (동대입구) at line 3, no. 6 exit. After that, take a yellow bus (02, we took this or 05) there and the bus dropped us off at 남산 bus parking site. Alternatively, go to 충무로 Exit 2 (Chungmuro) in Line 3 and 4.

Dongguk University (동대학교), a Buddhist University.

The Yellow bus we took up the Namsan (Nam Hill)

Go to this webpage for more information about the ticketing price. But to me, the tickets are expensive for foreign students studying in Korea, even Korean students too. Tourists? Maybe okay! There's a teddy bear museum and an outlet selling Girls' Generation posters and albums.

Namsan Tower

This is a must-visit place in Korea because on a clear day, all of Seoul can be seen from here. I recommend visiting here and going up the observatory tower (Depends on you, you don't have to go all up to see Seoul from the top), you have to pay 8000 Won! We did not go up! It was akin to highway robbery on Korean university students.

We went to Namsan pretty late so we needed to get down soon. We had to take the cable car and it was again expensive for such a short ride. The pricing of tickets were absurb. Round trip ticket was 7500 Won while one-way ticket was 6000 Won.

Inside the cable car, there was no seating area and only standing area to maximise the amount of people able to be carried. From the cable car, we could not see a thing because all the people were blocking our views. We had nice view at Namsan itself but the experiences there were not encouraging for my second time visit. Nevertheless, a MUST VISIT spot in Korea.

From Namsan, we took a bus to Seoul Station (서울역). We decided to call in a day after a trip to 용산 (Yongsan) by subway located at line 1.

Yongsan (용산)

Yongsan is well known for electronic goods. PCs, laptops, games, cameras, you name it, they have it all. There, you can get electronics at a better prices than other area in Seoul. There are many electronic stores so take your time comparing the prices. Do take note that most store closes at 9 pm. Even earlier if it's on weekends.

We went there late so we could not see many things. We went to TECHNO MART, but the prices were already printed and not bargainable. My friends, typical budget-conscious travellers, they backed off when they saw the prices. Our dinner was at the food court in TECHNO MART. The end of Day 4!

To be continued...

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