Monday, March 28, 2011

Korea? Strawberries? Night?

When I am bored, I will eat. In Korea, without self control, it is easy to overeat especially when we have nothing to do. Most Malaysians (especially the girls) that came to Korea tend to eat more. Ya ya, I am saying this because when the Malaysian exchange students arrived to my university, I saw them over-ate (just my observation lah) but it's okay considering they need to eat more. :)

Korean traditional foods are very healthy. However, these days, most western foods are readily adapted into Korean food lifestyle. At night, plenty of students in my university will be ordering pans and pans of pizzas. It is simple actually, just dial the number. Outside my dorm too, there's a few pizza shops that open 24/7.

I wholeheartedly love pizzas. Fortunately I don't take heavy meals at night.. Korean pizzas are cheap but why should I eat a whole pan by myself and gain at least 3000 calories in one shot? No No..

So, I resorted to eating strawberries as my late night snack. Well, Korean strawberries are really sweet! Not to mention, they are cheap too if compared to Malaysia. There are many "grades", the cheapest is 2000 Won per basket and is up to 5000 Won per basket or tray you may say. The cheapest one does not mean the strawberries were the rejected ones, it means the shape of strawberries are just unsymmetrical.

However, I always choose the 3000 Won (RM 8.15) strawberries to be save :)

How can you find a 3000 Won strawberries in Malaysia? And in a basket too. Really a cheap but underappreciated snack/fruit in Korea.


Mai Narcy said...

Ah! All that food looks delicious. I don't think I've ever had a chance to try Korean (or Malaysian, as a matter of fact) before. Maybe next year if I end up visiting!

Nice blog by the way. =)

kyle said...


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