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My Seoul - Of orphans and Sights (Day 2)

From the continuation of previous post

My second day was more relaxed because one of the Malaysian tourist fell ill. More interesting activities were forced to be postponed the next day and will still be depended on his health condition.

The good part about going to places without by tour groups is that we can go anywhere, whenever we want to. My experiences travelling by tour were not very memorable ones, the worst was when I was in Beijing in 2010. It was so exhausting with the schedule fully packed and we have to visit factories so as the tour agents will get commision from our purchases.

If it is avoidable, don't go by tour.

I visited an orphanage on New Year Eve. I had been to many orphanages before and one of the memorable ones was when I went to St. Joseph Home in Penang. I was in-charge of this event and it was my first time being in charge of charity. So we cleaned the compound, the church, played with the them and distributed gifts to the kids.

When I looked into the eyes of the orphans, I felt a tinge of sadness. There are so many things that we can do to help them but nobody is doing anything. Regardless if I am rich or successful one day, I will definately be helping them. But I do hope to be successful so helping people will be a little easier. How can we help others when we ourselves are not in position to help others?

The orphanage I went in Seoul was called 삼동소년촌 or Samdong Boys' Town. The boys were docile from far but they were hyper.. Hmmn. Frankly, people with no patience will never like it. They cannot sit still. Lol.

It was okay, we enjoyed spending time there and accompanying the kids. For Koreans, do donate some money for the maintenance of the building. But most importantly, do spend some time with the kids for they all need love like we all do too ^^

Visit the website 어린이 좀 도와줘서 어린이의 미래 대낮처럼 밝게 볼수있습니다. 돈이 아니고 그들은 사랑과 이해가 필요합니다. 감사합니다. After accompanying the kids for almost the whole day, we headed to 명동 (Myeongdong).

Myeongdong is a shopping district located at the heart of Seoul. It is a so called a premier shopping center because most shops, boutiques and stalls around Seoul are there. You can find lots of shopping malls and upscale outlets like GUESS, CHANEL, GUCCI, etc. There is a lane there and along the lane, there was just shops selling Korean cosmetic products like TONY MOLY, FACE SHOP, etc.

To get there, from Seoul Station (서울역), take line 4 to 명동 (Myeongdong).

It should be SPAO no SHOE said in my video, I was not thinking when speaking :) lol

To the ladies, it can be called a shopping heaven. But this place is only for shopping and nothing much to do other than that. This place is included in every tour brochures. Please be aware that some of the shops close early.

From here, we walked to 청계천 (Cheonggyeccheon). 청계천 was formerly a polluted stream and was reclaimed to make way for a highway. It was then restored to the present condition by the Seoul Mayor, now the President of ROK. The area around the stream is a tourist spot because some major Seoul events are held there. The latest was the International Lantern festival.

Nevertheless, there is nothing special about this place, especially to tourists more interested to know about other things. The stream is long so for people that wishes to walk from the start till the very end, it will take lots of time and I myself have not walked all the way yet.

Is it a must-visit place? Not really. But tourist and tour brochures always included it as one of a must-visit place. To get there: Go to any subway line (1 or 2) to City Hall Station (시청역), exit 4 and walk there. Do ask people along the way for direction. It should be easy because it is near.

We went there to witness the New Year celebration. However, there was no fireworks! We saw only balloons in the sky and performances by Korean artises. By the time we headed home, it was almost 1 am and the train we took was the last one. We were heading to Sindorim (신도림).

Last train in Korea during special occasions like New Year Celebration are usually crowded like sardin cans. We were glad to get out at the right station. From Sindorim, we had to take another crowded bus back to my hostel. The person standing next to me drank too much, he unconsciously smelt soju-ish while my tourist Malaysian friend, after vomited, he stunk like shit. Day 2 over, Yay!

To be continued...

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