Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ADV - Selling Korean ‘Jeong’ (정) to the world

Korean corporations, which have been key players in Korean economy, are now taking a prominent role in non-governmental diplomacy. The works vary from eradication of poverty and hunger to establishment of schools and libraries. These projects are not the one-off event. They were very substantial and specific aids since they involved the interaction with local people and keep providing them with services, which are urgent. Here are some aspects of ‘Affectionate Korea’ in the world.

Springtime of my hometown’, a Korean children’s song echoed in Indonesia

A familiar song was heard from Elementary School Menteng in Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesian students sung a Korean children’s song ‘Springtime of my hometown’ to the piano accompaniment. It sounded strange to hear song sung in Korean at a local school of Indonesia and not at Korean schools.

Lee Joong-keun(right), the chairman of Booyoung Co., Ltd., handing the certificate of donation of 10,000 units of digital piano to Muhammad Nuh, the Minister of Education, Indonesia (Photo by Korea Land Daily)

It was because Booyoung Co., Ltd., a construction company of Korea, donated 10,000 digital pianos and 30,000 blackboards to the ministry of education in Indonesia last month. Moreover, Korean ‘Graduation song’ (Lyrics: Yoon Suk-joong, Song: Jeong Soon-chul) was translated into Indonesian and saved in all of the digital piano for the Indonesian students since there was no song for graduation ceremony in some South East Asia countries. The song will be played during the graduation ceremony in this June.

"In addition, there are popular Korean folksongs and children‘s songs contained in the digital piano. They were all recorded in Korean, not in the local languages, and thus the students of Menteng Elementary School could learn not only the songs but also Korean, which contributes to making the music class more interesting..." Read more at this link

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