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My Seoul - Universities before Daegu

Universities in Korea are like flesh and blood to Koreans. Without education it is impossible to get a job, live in an apartment, work in Samsung and even get married. Throughout my stay in Seoul, I had been to a few universities like the Ehwa Womans University and on my final day, we went to some other well known universities.

Visiting universities in Korea is very easy, all can be done by subway and the subway stations are themselves directly below the universities. The first university I went to on my last day trip was 고려대학교 or Korea University.

고려대학교 or Korea University

Getting there is by taking a subway to 고려대 (Korea University Station) in Line 6. It is one of the most prestigious university in Korea but in my opinion, education is very subjective. Good university does not mean good students and vice versa. University is a ground for a person to learn something and mature into a better person.

View in the afternoon

View of the administration building in the evening..

At Korea University

After Korea University, we went to 한양대 (Hanyang University). Hanyang University is well known for its engineering field. Lots of Malaysian Government sponsored students or JPAs are studying there.

한양대학교 (Hanyang University)

Exit 2, get out from this exit

Hanyang University at night

Students of Hanyang University

To get there, we had to transfer from Line 6 to Line 2 at 신당 (Sindang Station) and we dropped off at 한양대 (Hanyang University Station). It is very easy to get around universities in Korea.

By the time we went around, it was already late at night. Our final university was 건국대학교 or Konkuk University. Hanyang University is quite small by my standard but nevertheless bigger than the Konkuk University.

건국대학교 (Konkuk University)

Konkuk University is another private university in Korea. Though the university is quite unknown to many, it has great dormitories (but is very expensive..) with large rooms. To get here, we took the same line (Line 2) to 건대입구 (Konkuk University Entrance). However do note that we had to walk some distance before reaching there unlike in Korea University and Hanyang University (that were just directly above the stations).

At the station, 건대입구 (Konkuk University Entrance)..

That alley!

Areas around Konkuk University are really among the most "happening" places in Seoul. There's a street food alley frequented by many students and the place is just directly next to the subway station. According to my ex-Konkuk University friend, the food alley is well known for tteokbokki (똑볶이). Tteokpokki is made from rice cake and is always to be accompanied by sliced fish cakes, carrots, onions and spicy sauce.

There were many different variants though.

Well, after the whole journey. Sad to say, I had to go back. From here, I travelled back to 신도림 (Sindorim) and took another bus to my hostel to pack up my things. Travelling around Seoul for more than a week was a fantastic experience.

With so many bags from the trip, I almost resembled Santa Claus on the train. I should not bring my skiing jacket because I did not wear it. From Seoul Station, I waited until it's almost 2 am for my train because all earlier tickets were sold out.

And I only managed to buy standing ticket... 4 hours ride back to Daegu standing! Can you believe it??? I sat on a sink next to the train's bathroom most of the time after beh tahan (cannot stand it anymore) standing for too long. It was a great experience. Where can you get this elsewhere?

The End.

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