Monday, March 7, 2011

Korea under attack - DDoS Vaccine

"Sixty-two hard disc drive destructions were reported as of Sunday among an estimated 34,000 zombie computers mobilized to carry out massive cyber attacks on the web sites of South Korea's key government agencies and financial institutions on Friday and Saturday, government officials said.

The zombie computers were forecast to destruct their respective hard drives four or seven days after they had been hit by the malicious codes. The earlier-than-expected damage, however, came on the heels of new orders that were led by servers that spread out the DDoS attacks.

The new orders block zombie computers from downloading vaccine programs and order the computers to instantly destruct their respective hard drives.

Government authorities urged computer users to start their computers in safety mode and download vaccine programs to cure the DDoS codes.

Police authorities said they have contacted overseas law enforcement agencies in eight countries -- including Japan, Taiwan and the United States -- for cooperation in order to track down the DDoS attacks and analyze the computer codes. (Yonhap News)"

Today I am not planning to update because I am really exhausted with classes. But after reading the destruction of hard drives and the severity of this situation, I think it is important to scan the drives asap!

When it's closer to weekends... we can sing...

"Thank God the week is done
I feel like a zombie gone back to life (back back to life)
Hands up, and suddenly we all got our hands up
No control of my body..."

Dj Got Us Falling In Love - Usher

But when weekend's over..


Thats my life when the semester starts.

Anyway, foreigners will not know anything about the vaccine available especially since the news of late are all in Korean. It's a bit dangerous to leave your computer uncheck in Korea. Do download the vaccine at this link. Click on the red link on the page and click "Run". I never find such things happening in Malaysia though.

Hope it helps. DO IT NOW!!!

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