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Of Seoul, My Soul - From top to bottom

From the continuation of previous post

After dinner of grilled fish, we proceeded to Cheonggyecheon (청계천) again so that we can visit the Gwanghwamun Square (광화문 광장) while we were there. Gwanghwamun Square is close to Cheonggyecheon so walking should not be a problem to get there.

But walking from the fish restaurant to Cheonggyecheon was not easy. It was far and cold. Nevertheless, around the way there, we stopped by a bakery and enjoyed the view around Seoul while walking there. There are lots of bakeries in Korea and some are located side by side to each other.

Gwanghwamun Square (광화문 광장)

This area is actually a good spot for photography and is surrounded by tall buildings. Here, there's a huge statue of King Sejong the Great (on seating position) and the Admiral Yi Sun-shin Fountain. King Sejong played an important role especially in the founding of Hangul or Korean alphabet.

Through his leadership, the country discovered many scientific advances and his era can be called the Golden Age of Korea. Other than learning about history (there's a small museum) of King Sejong, there was nothing much to do over here for us.

From here, we took a subway back to hostel and called it a day.


The next day, we planned to go to the 63 Building. This will be my second time and from my past experience, it was a waste of money. The last time I went there was during spring at night while this time, it would be winter in the daytime.

63 Building (육삼빌딩)

Getting there:

We stayed in area around 신도림 (Sindorim) so we took Line 1 to 신길 (Sinkil Station), from there we transfer to Line 5. We exited the train at 여의도 (Yeouido Station) and we took a taxi to Yeouido Transportation Center (여의도 환승센터). Finally we took a bus (Bus no. 62) there, do check the bus schedule list for direction.

Sinkil Station (Line 1) - Yeouido Station (Line 5) - Yeouido Tranportation Center (Taxi) - Bus no. 62

63 Building was formerly the tallest building in Korea until it was overtaken by another building few years ago. It has a number of attractions and among the attractions are Sky Art (12000 won for adult), Seaworld (15000 Won), Art Hall (in the Wax Museum), IMAX (12000 Won) and Wax Museum (14000 Won). There were packages available from tickets for 3 attractions (32000 Won) or for 4 attactions (38000 Won).

We chose the 38000 Won ticket. Everything were just so-so, I think I enjoyed none, maybe because of the time constraint.. The best attractions were the Seaworld (It was very crowded the day we went) and Sky Art (Maybe because I like art..) while the worst was the Wax Museum. There was a "Haunted House" but it was a cheap piece of crap. ^^ I think I am scarrier than the people (YES, real people!) acting like a clown in that "Haunted House" :)

38000 Won plus lunch (4800 Won). Overall, a really expensive trip for 2,3 hours of so-so experience. I would not mind shelling out more money like I did for skiing but frankly the place is too small to accommodate so many tourist attractions. Also, my fingers were as smooth as baby's butt after the fish spa. That was why I like Seaworld. Just kidding!

From the top

Sky Art Gallery

"Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.." Pablo Picasso


Fish spa~

Before we end our trip in 63 Building, we tried the 4D Ride. I think it was better than the IMAX because it was in 4D! After everything were done, we went to Namdaemun (남대문). Visit this website for more info.

Namdaemun (남대문)

Namdaemun is another tourist spot in Korea. It is famous for the market and is best to buy foodstuffs like seaweeds and ginsengs in bulk over here. However these day due to the influx of tourists especially from Japan, the traders shoot up the prices purposely. Nevertheless, this is also a good place to find Korean souvenir T-shirts.

At the entrance of the market, there's a stall selling 호떡 (Hotteok) or Korean pancake. Usually at peak hours, you can see long line of people standing to buy Hotteok. Unfortunately, with so many people lining up for it, the stall only sells Vegetable Hotteok (야채호떡) at 1000 Won instead of the basic ones. It was delicious when eaten hot.

To get to Namdaemun, take a subway to 회현 (Hoehyheon Station) located just a station next to Seoul Station in Line 4. After Namdaemun, we visited COEX.

COEX Seoul

COEX stands for Convention and Exhibition Center. In Daegu, we have one, in Busan it is called BEXCO while over here in Seoul, it is one of the largest exhibition and convention center in South Korea. In Seoul, COEX is more well known as a big shopping center and next to it, there's a casino.

For first timers, it is easy to get lost over here because the place is just huge. The bestest thing to do here is only for shopping. Getting there is easy, COEX is located directly in Samseong Station or 삼성 (무역센터) in Line 2 but it is quite far from Seoul Station.

Since I was there just to accompany the Malaysian tourists around Seoul, there was nothing much to do here. Bored... Our day trip was over after COEX Mall visit. We went back to our hostel in 신도림. Not an interesting day but tomorrow will be great - Skiing!

To be continued...

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