Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ADV - Korean Mushrooms Occupies the Tables of the Swiss

The superior species and high quality of Korean mushroom is proved through its great texture and taste highly renown overseas. Today Korean mushrooms have attracted the Swiss and is now being one of their favorite dishes.

Korean mushrooms spotlighted as high-quality food

Jelomli, a grand department store of Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland has Korean mushrooms on their sales list, sold at the lower ground grocery section, along with a variety of other raw mushrooms. Here Korean king oyster mushrooms are sold by 30-40 franc per kilogram, quite expensive and is equivalent to 35,000 ~ 47,000 won in Korean dollars.

Swiss, on sunny days, often enjoy barbeque parties with their family and friends sharing grilled meat and sausages, and the Korean king oyster mushrooms as the only vegetable to be added on the main grill list. Taken as a high-quality food item, the king oyster mushrooms are enjoyed for its bigger size and thick texture that is much more suitable for grill parties compared to button mushrooms.

In Switzerland, now it is not difficult to find mushrooms from Korea as they are not only supplied to department stores but also to Migros, the largest supermarket franchise in there.

"In Switzerland, mushrooms are widely enjoyed by the people and being one of the most popular food, they are often used as ingredients for sauces or even as main dishes. Regarding the sales of button mushrooms, the amount of its consumption are 13,000 tons annually; 8,000 tons of raw mushrooms and 5,000 tons of cooked mushrooms. Here 7,000 tons of raw mushrooms are produced locally and the rest are imported..."

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