Sunday, March 13, 2011

Discovering Seoul - My Day 3

After a late night celebration for New Year yesterday, we woke up late today. For breakfast, I had omelette rice, a change after eating "dolsot" bibimbap there in Seoul continously for the past few mornings. Main itinerary for today:

1) Times Square Korea
2) Meet-up with Malaysians

Times Square Korea

Getting there is easy. From Sindorim (신도림), just take a subway to 영동포역 (in line 1). Just a station far. From the exit of the station, there's a landmark (a tall building) and after walking a short distance to it, you will definately reach there.

Times Square Korea is a huge shopping malls with a variety of outlets under one roof. Myeongdong is bigger but it is an area and not a mall. There's nothing special about here. If given the opportunity, I will not visit here again. It's like any other malls in Korea.

*Dark spots in Korea?*

Actually, we do not even know such place existed. There was an area that aroused our curiousity because the lane had small glass panel rooms with ladies in each of it. We never knew what it was and we were neither curious to know more about it. So we can just guess.

From here, we walked back to 영동포역, along the way, we stopped to buy sweet potatos in a small stall selling Korean street snacks. 3 for 2000 Won. Anyway, in my case the best sweet potatos was sold around Summer Palace in Beijing.

We were supposed to meet the Malaysians at 이대역 (to get there, just take line 2 to 이대 direction). The place is located between famous universities like Yonsei Uni and Ehwa Womans University. The first place we headed was the Kebab restaurant.

The Kebabs?

Istanbul Turkish Kebap
45-35 Daehyon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Korea
Tel : 02 393 8351 Mobile : 010 5847 8351

The Kebab was pricier but according to the one who ate it, it was okay. I prefer kebab at Itaewon (Will write about it soon) than over here but there is more variety to order at this stall.

Ehwa Womans University

The aim of this university is to provide woman with the opportunity for higher education. It is remarkable for a small missionary school transformed into one of the largest woman's university in the world.

Ehwa Womans campus complex was designed by French architect Dominique Perrault who built the Bibliothque Natioanale de France in Paris. It is one of the most beautiful campus facilities in the world. It was stategically located around 신촌, another exciting area in downtown Seoul.

After a short while at Norebang, we went to a Korean restaurant. We ordered 낙지두루치기 (an octopus dish) but since the dish was too little for our big stomachs, we ordered 2 bowls of rice to compliment the main dish.

When in Korean restaurant, most of the restaurants will provide free (plain) water. Usually, the drinks available are only coffee (vending machine), Sojus, beers, Makgeolli (sometimes not available) and Cokes. No fruit juices, teh ais (Iced tea) and drinks like that in Korean meal restaurants.

We called it a day after that meet up. This will be my last time meeting them for the year.

To me, travelling around Seoul is easy maybe because I might be well-versed in Korean but to tourists, it will be easy too eventually after some detailed planning beforehand.

To be continued...

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