Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Soul, My Seoul - Journey begins

From the continuation of previous post.

On the first day of my adventure, after reaching safely in the area around my hostel. I had to wait for my friends to come so that they can open the door to the room. Killing time, I went for my usual restaurant in Seoul for lunch. I had bibimbap (4000원!), no meat and just a tiny misery egg.

I love Daegu.

After eating, my friend brought me to the room and we went to Homeplus to meet the Malaysian tourists. At -12 degrees that day, I was suprised to see one of them wearing only a thin jacket. He told me that he was gonna buy one in Korea. More fashionable ^^ The other friend was okay. I presumed. We took a bus and subway to Chongshin University (총신대입구) in line 4. Things to do there?

Do drop by at Jour de pain bakery, it is just a small shop selling buns and pastries. I think it is a family business because the daughter really resemble the mother. Erm. I should say "The ones manning the shop closely resemble each other.." Tried Korean bun (I do not know how to call it) and it was really delicious.

From 총신대입구, I plan to move up North to Itaewon (이태원) in line 6. The direction is as follows:

총신대입구 (이수) to 삼각지 (all in line 4) and transfer to line 6, the to 이태원 (Itaewon)

Going to Itaewon means visiting the Malaysian embassy. We were lucky that day because the embassy organized a function and they served *ahem ahem* Malaysian food! It was Malaysian Cultural Night co-organized by the embassy and University of Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

To get there, after dropping off at the Itaewon station, we walked a bit further and took a bus (I forgot the no.) that dropped us off directly next to the Malaysian embassy. We knew about the bus's direction in a hurry because we met a Malaysian family that was also going there. We tagged along.

We were there at the embassy. When I reached the embassy, meeting Malaysians, I did feel a bit nostalgic. Almost everyday, I do not meet any Malaysians in my university but since coming to the embassy. Wow.

Malaysians have lots more to improve in race relations. I hope not to see people mixing only among their races in future. There is no point going overseas and mixing only among yourselves.

The Malaysian cultural performance/dance was "superb". HEHE. Luckily they performed that to only Malaysians. LOL. Anyway, there was this guy, he was the MC (I think) that everytime he started to talk, he will speak in pantuns (poems) as introductory. Geli lah..

I was more preoccupied with the food. Get me? THE FOOD! They have Rendang Ayam (Spicy chicken), Kuah Satay without the OMG SATAY (cheh!), Ketupat rice, tapioca chips, popiah goreng (fried spring rolls) and little more (not "many more"). And the jelly, it looked like Kuih talam but tasted more like jelly. I do not know. I did not eat such stuff when I went back for summer vacation.

After dinner, speeches by ambassador and photo taking, we went back to 이태원역 (Itaewon station) by bus. We walked there for a while but since it was already late at night, most shops were closing minus the bars, clubs and restaurants. Oh, transgender club too. Yes, believe me.

At Itaewon, they do sell souveniers but I do not recommend tourists to buy over here. This area is a tourist haunt so they, the stall owners jack up the prices. If possible, do not buy anything (especially gifts) related to Korea here for people travelling on budget. I think I can get better deals in the markets at Central Seoul.

Ended my day with heavy snack of Korean popcorn *See the pic above* It is called 뻥튀기 (ppeong twi gi) and is called so because it was made from wheat and was puffed up. Cheap because it's only less than 1000 won for a packet.

To be continued...

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