Thursday, July 28, 2011


Arrived at Malaysia - after sitting on a plane for at least 6 hours! Lets not talk about butt cramp, have you ever heard about that? At KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), I rested at Old Town and found out that they do not serve any ROTI CANAI anymore!!! Great. Instead of roti canai, they replaced it with a toast. Ahhhh. Not good.

At KLIA, I transferred to Penang International Airport with another 50 minutes ride. Reached Penang at 7pm plus (Malaysian time), I can see that Penang airport is having a make over but it was a mess because it looked more like a construction site. Stumps of concrete pylons stuck from the ground here and there, such a horrible sight - I guess they could do it better by building a divider to cover them up.

Too exhausted. Slept.

Next day, nothing much. Couldn't use internet until early evening. Internet speed is too slow. But Okay lah... Patience's a virtue. Take it easy. Lunch was some Chinese food at a Chinese Restaurant. Had Curry Mee and Satay for dinner.

I like Malay food so the best meal for that day was definitely the ooo laa laaa Satay. I plan to gorge down as many Malay food as possible before fasting month starts... prefer not too eat a lot after fasting hours.. Or maybe I couldn't eat that much as I used to be last time..

Went to Queensbay (a big shopping mall in Penang) but almost got lost. Hmmn. I guess I can't remember much of Penang though I can always claim I am a pure Penang lang ("People" in Hokkien), time is such that memories to me, remain but only as a flicker of thoughts. Sometimes too along the way, it does get lost. 제발!

Met my primary classmate there, we had not met since Year 2000 (almost 11 Years!) but we still keep in touch through Facebook just like friends add friends and thats all.

These day, I felt a bit handicapped - no mobile phone even I have one from Korea and I couldn't use it because there's no connectivity. Couldn't call anyone. A bit out of touch with the rest but hopefully once everything are settled by end of this week. Then, it will be really my holidays ^^

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