Sunday, July 3, 2011

ADV - Blow Away the Heat in Caves!

It was really unusual that temperature in May recorded an average of 28 degree Celsius. It made some really worried about the coming heat of summer. Well, they were right. Why don’t we go on a trip to cool places?

One of Korea’s natural beauty lies with the caves. There had been a lot geographical changes in this peninsula which formed many nice natural sites in Korea.

There are several kinds of caves. Limestone caves are formed by the rainwater which dissolves the limestone layer. Sea caves are formed by abrasion of the ocean wave. Lava caves are formed by lava flow. Artificial caves are formed on a specific purpose.

There are more limestone caves and sea caves in Korea. Stalagmites, stalactites and stone pillars are so beautiful that more and more people keep visiting the caves. This article will guide you to explore the caves around Korea.

Korea’s only theme cave, Hwaam

Gold-colored Stalactite in Hwaam Cave (Source: Kookmin Ilbo)

Hwaam Cave is located in Jeongsun, Gangwon-do and is recognized as one of the great caves in Korea. It was listed in 1980 as monument No. 33. Most of all, it is highly recognized for its beauty and it is also one of the eight natural attractions in Jeongsun, Gangwon-do.

It is the only themed cave. The theme is ‘Meeting of the Gold and the Nature’. What makes it unique is that, Hwaam Cave was both a coal mine and a natural cave. To get to the starting point of the cave, you should take a shuttle train. You can truly feel the theme of the ‘Meeting of Gold and Nature’ there.

The tour length of Hwaam Cave is 1,803 meters and the tour takes approximately one and half hour. You can see some chapters in the cave. The chapters consist of ‘History’, ‘365 along with Gold Line’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘Gold world’, ‘Nature Wonder’. The cave was discovered during the mining of gold, so there are many displays and exhibits inside which are connected with Gold mine.

You can learn about the the history of gold mining. It is quite interesting to see gold bars too. In addition, there are some displays showing various kinds of gold mines, the uses of gold and the history of gold. For the children who are easily bored, there is a section on ‘Gold Ghost and Silver Ghost in Wonderland’ which are the mascots of this cave.

The Wonderland mascots will show how to mine for gold and gold products from the children’s perspective. Because of this, there are more family visitors in a cave tour.

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