Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pyeongchang Winter Games - Korea 2018

"First South America, now South Korea. The Olympics will be breaking new ground again when Pyeongchang hosts the 2018 Winter Games..."

"After a decade of trying and two painful defeats, the South Korean city finally won its Olympic prize Wednesday, crushing two European rivals in a landslide vote for the 2018 Games and taking the event to the Asian country for the first time..."

(Source: Major Events International)

"Pyeongchang's overwhelming victory in a secret ballot of IOC members was a resounding endorsement of the bid campaign pledge to expose winter sports to a hungry new market in Asia...."

By GERALD IMRAY (Associated Press)

As expected, Korea will be hosting Winter Games in 2018. By then, I would be participating in snow jumping event (in my dreams la) so watch out for your MALAYSIAN representative! Rawr~ I will prove that there's "snow" in Malaysia!

Hehe :)

Kim Yu Na's (김연아) presentation in her country's bid for Winter Games was great! She was a bit nervous when she's presenting in English but she did it quite smoothly. Well, I can understand her and most Koreans trying to present something in their non-native language..

I might be in Korea again in 2018. I told you - as a ski jumping representative. Wait and see ^^

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