Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer at Harvard? Space Odyssey and Home?

Recently, I was really tempted to enroll myself for Summer class at a nice university. I was a bit confident to get in there because it was only a summer class and getting a nice qualification from such university (Harvard) would look cool, right? Okay, but then there's no scholarship available for summer class. Hmmn.

Don't believe me? Check it out here!

It'almost a whopping 3 grand (3000 USD) a semester and it does not include housing so education there is not for the have-not. So there goes my summer plan/dream to "study" there but wouldn't it be great if the university can at least offer some scholarship for people to try and apply? Sigh. Education should be given to those who wants to learn but I guess some university like Harvard seems to be more interested in reaping profit than educating young minds.

God knows how greedy some people were that can believe in such scams to earn money

I know sometimes I sound a bit cheapskate. I have no choice. I hate to be depended on family for education and I certainly was not born with a silver spoon (and neither do I wish to be, as I think hard work is way better). I am happy to say that my education from middle till tertiary education was all free. Thanks to scholarships, prizes and a bit luck! :)

Then I wonder again, what's the point of getting to an elite Ivy League university but deep inside, it's not for education but for self prestige? Of course some were really creme de la creme academically and they really deserve studying there. Nevertheless, how about people who are gifted but do not have any access to school or places they can wisely use their talents?


These days, I'm a tad busy - I have lots and lots of things (other than blogging) to write. I want to write a review for 2001: A Space Odyssey movie - It was to be for my university magazine. 2011: A Space Odyssey was really an old film (around my dad's time) and was watched by baby boomers growing up around Year 1968.

The movie started with a scene of apes before humans existed. One day, a small group of apes were ousted from their watering hole by a rival group. Forced to retreat and sleep under cold weather, the apes discovered a huge black granite block appeared unexpectedly that very night. Curious as they always were, they touched it.

Fast forward, the apes discovered tool (in the form of bones). They used it to hunt and kill other animals to obtain food. One day, they returned back to their former watering pool and killed the leader of the ape with their tools. They finally won back the land, feeling victorious, an ape threw the tool (a bone stick) into the air.

After it, started a new scene - space age where humans thrived. I like this part because it tells us about how in the past, humans and apes alike used tool as a mean of survival in the path of evolution but now, humans, instead of using it, we became almost like a tool for the machines (human made tool). In this film, humans are maintaining the space machine (a tool) and it seems that humans had reached the peak of evolution, where tools (that were the so-called catalyst of evolution) were no longer used.

Not going to say anymore. Do watch this movie! Click on this link here for brief explanation after watching it!


Finally, I will be back home for my summer vacation next week. I don't really miss going back home. lol. ^^ I'm just kidding okay!

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