Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 August 2011

Renewing a passport in Malaysia is said to be very easy. But after going to the immigration office today from my home (my home is not in the town area so it's far!), enduring traffic jams and skipping my lunch, all I get from them is "Tukar IC baru... (Change your identification card..)". What?

Okay.. Okay I gotta admit that my current Identification Card is an old one, I did not change it since I was a 11 years old kid. Sentimental reasons I guess. Lawl. I am now 21 years old but come on, can a person changes so much in 10 years?

Maybe my current 11 years old ID Card might be a little cuter than now. ^^ That's all! Well, I have 3 more weeks left in Malaysia (Time does really flies...) but passport renewal is still undone, and now, I'll be needing to replace my ID Card. Hmmn..

Curry mee? Ate. Nasi Lemak? Ate. Satay? Ate. Curry? Ate but left few more to be tasted at some mamaks. Laksa? The curry yellowish one, I think it's "lemak" and will try Penang famous Asam Laksa soon. Teowchew style Steam fish? Gotta have it asap! Can't find this kind of dish in Korea.

Ramli burger? Ate already but couldn't eat this anymore in future, too greasy. Tried McSundae Lime yesterday. In Korea, I can only find either chocolate or strawberry flavored (I think) McSundae but in Malaysia... Whoa...

Internet is as usual slow and it's a bit frustrating to be on the net so I did other things than going online. Nevertheless, I am not complaining. Maybe after staying in Korea and getting super fast internet access, people like me tend to wish for the best or at very least, the same service afforded to us back in Korea.

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