Saturday, July 2, 2011

ADV - Korea ballet, Fly high to the world!

Korean ballet is on focus nowadays. Two main ballet companies of Korea, 'Korea National Ballet (KNB)', and 'Universal Ballet (UB)' are now internationally acknowledged for their artistic talent and are being compared to world-class ballet companies.

In fact, Korea ballet was out of B30 (Ballet Ranking Top 30) ten years ago. But now its reputation has been prominently enhanced as Korean ballet troupes are being invited to foreign countries, surely raising the pride of Korea’s dance world.

Image by Kyunghyang Sinmun

The world’s eye on Korea ballet

KNB has been leading the popularization of ballet, performing 81 times in 2009, 123 times last year throughout the country including its capital city, Seoul. Last year KNB performed in Bolshoi Theater (Bolshoi Teatr) and Mariinskii Theater (Mariinskii Teatr), creating a better reputation of Korean ballet. Recently, KNB was invited to theaters of Italy and France and currently further schedules in details are under discussion.

A specific plan for a performance at San Carlo Theater (Teatro San Carlo) in Napoli, Italy will be carried out by this October. This theater is one of the most prominent theaters comparable to La Scala Theater in Milan (Teatro alla Scala di Milano) or Rome Opera House of Italy. Stressing the fact this historic stage was founded 39 years before the globally honored La Scala Theater in Milan, the invitation is very meaningful.

KNB is also invited to 'Les etes de la danse', a dance festival held in Paris and further schedules for the 2014 performance are as well under discussion. In addition, KNB is planning to perform in Caracalla Theater (Terme di Caracalla) and Rome Opera House next year. This performance will be a very historical occasion for Korea, as Italy is a birthplace of ballet and France is meaningful home of ballet where it became an independent art genre.

‘Shim Chung’ an original ballet of Universal Ballet staged in Taipei, Taiwan (Image: Asia Today)

UB is also planning to have a tour in 40 countries within the next 3 years. 'Shim Chung' and 'Giselle' is already scheduled to perform in 8 cities of 6 countries including Taiwan (April), Singapore (May), U.S.A. and Canada (July), Japan (September), and Oman (November) this year. Most of these concerts were organized by UB by directly contacting the local theaters who happened to respond with great enthusiasm.

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