Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Contest - Incheon Korean Music Wave 2011

I am not quite a fan of any Korean groups or singers even after staying in Korea for quite some time. It's quite entertaining sometimes when my friends discussed about Korean Pop news and I am just like "Huh?" or trying to change this conversation topic.

I would be crazy if I talk head on about Korean pop stars with my Korean friends - I couldn't even differentiate who is who in 2AM or 2PM. Come on... It's really confusing.. Why can't they have 2PM and another is 3PM/AM or something? Why another is 2AM?

So who's my favorite Korean groups/singers? Ermmmmmm.... Let me think..... Big Bang? Nah, but they are definitely better than the emo 2PM and many other Korean Pop groups here. You gotta agree with me!

"I'm so sorry but I love you da geojitmal (다 거짓말 or "all lies")..." 거짓말 (Lies) by 빅뱅 (Big Bang)

Lol. But really, I guess you don't care about lyrics ^^ Anyway, if you are in Korea, this is the time to see your favorite Korean pop stars such as 2PM, Big Bang, Girls' Generation (Awww) all in a single venue.

You don't need to pose with your favorite stars this way...

or even stand beside a cardboard-size pop singer..

Neither do you need to work this hard to buy a ticket to see your favorite K-pop stars...

You can see them live and for free by participating in this contest. Click on this link here to read and participate. You wouldn't be seeing me going there because I would be back home for my summer vacation. Have an enjoyable one if you did win.

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